Top Bulgarian Fashion Designers

Bulgaria is yet to make waves in the international fashion scene, but the beautiful Balkan country has lots of designers brimming with talent, skill, and ingenuity. No surprise as through ages, Bulgarians would manually weave fabrics through the use of hand-dyed thread, accentuate them with various ornamentations, and apply their creativity while keeping ancient motifs. While it may have gone through significant changes, the same inventiveness and imagination can be seen in the country’s fashion trends today. Here, discover the top Bulgarian fashion designers and how they radiate artistry in their works.

Mina Kaye

Mina Kaye is the fashion designer behind the renowned fashion brand “Maria Queen Maria,” founded in 2009. Her designs center on deconstructed fashion, which plays with shadows, shapes, geometry, and dynamics of the city and gears towards motivating women across the globe, regardless of their age, status or identity. For over a decade, Mina Kate has won several awards, and her striking works are sold in various countries outside Europe, such as Dubai, Japan, Australia, and the USA.

Evgenia Jivkova

Evgenia Jivkova decided to enter the fashion area from a simple hobby of knitting pullovers and established the “Jeni Style Fashion House,” which is now running for over 25 years. Her works are characterized by classic designs, with minimalistic outlines, monochrome shades that make any woman feel empowered and more confident.

Kristina Butcvarova and Antonia Yordanova

Kristina Butchvarova and Antonia Yordanova are the two designers behind the label “Knapp,” based in the ultra-hip city of Sofia. These designs boast an excellent mix of minimalism, femininity, ’50 fashion, symbolic silhouettes, plus their own touches, making their pieces personal and unique.

Evelina Gelina

Evelina Gelina is the creator and designer of “Fabra Moda Studio,” a brand dedicated to modern women and grown-up girls. The clothes exude expressiveness, charisma, and free-spiritedness, which can be seen in simple shapes and form, complemented by effective detailing. The fashion studio works mainly on natural fabrics that provide the utmost comfort.

Nikolay Bozhilov

Nikolay Bozhilov is a multi-awarded fashion designer, coveting prestigious awards, such as Golden Needle Fashion Prize, Best Young Designer award, plus other recognitions. His design revolves around being “timeless” by blending past and present aesthetics and utilizing them to produce pieces suitable for the future.

Jana Jekova

One of Bulgaria’s most renowned and celebrated designers, Jana Jekova, has blessed the country’s fashion scene with stunning designs for over 25 years. She has won the Golden Needle Fashion Prize three times and served as “Miss Bulgaria’s” official designer. Her ingenuity is marked by precision and elegance, using lace, chiffon, silks, and high-quality fabrics.

Svetoslav Kolchagov

Svetoslav Kolchagov is the designer behind the “Kolchagov Barba” fashion brand. The couture label features classic yet explicit dresses that intertwine old and modern elements to bring out elegance and glamor in its designs. In just a few years, the brand has earned a significant following and showcased various celebrities.


Those are some of Bulgaria’s top designers. Each with a distinct approach and style, yet all contribute to the Balkan country’s surging fashion scene and empower every individual who wears their beautiful creations.