Top 5 Bulgarian Weird Fashion Trends

The beauty of Bulgaria lies in its simplicity and straightforward way of living. But if their fashion trends are anything to go by, it’s anything but simple.

Bulgarian fashion trends are always all the rage—eye-catching, popping colors, standout pieces, and weirdly amazing fashion choices. They may not be at the apex of the world fashion industry, but their innate creativity continues to astonish many people from other countries.

There are many reasons why the fashion trends in this country have amassed worldwide attention. For one thing, Bulgaria is one of the least countries affected by natural calamities, therefore Bulgarians are adept at handling adverse weather conditions. Their creativity is overflowing, which is why many foreign fashion designers love working with them.

It’s such a small country that’s overflowing with strange fashion trends. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 trends that we believe you should not miss out on. Make sure to read further!

Bulgarian folk costumes

Let’s start from the heart of the country—its rich history. Folk costumes in Bulgaria usually consist of shirts, pants, and vests for men. In women, it’s made up of aprons and dresses. The shirts, aprons, and dresses are usually embroidered in colors and folk motifs depending on which region you live in. The color red is heavily emphasized in folk dresses.

It is also noted that the peculiarities of the traditional attire depend on many factors, such as occupation, marital status, region, and class. You can see dramatically different folk costumes in different regions and even villages. When you think about it, their folk costumes also serve as a status symbol.

Ethnographer Ellie Gutseva explains the details behind the intricate Bulgarian folk costumes:

“The embroidery which was very labor-intensive and which was imbued with a great deal of symbolism through the period of the National Revival was beginning to decline, to be replaced by lacing on sleeve rims and skirt hemline.” She continues, “In villages, the items of jewelry continued to convey different meanings, though they were no longer ornate or made of precious metals.”

Covering the hair or leaving a part of it very loose is a symbol of a married woman. Gutseva further explains:

“Covering the hair with a headscarf was preserved most of all as a ritual function in some traditions – “lazaruvane”, wedding rituals. In towns, hats were in and there was a period when they were very popular, taking all sorts of flamboyant and fantastic shapes and sizes. But by the 1920s and 1930s things had definitely changed radically.”

Avant-garde fashion

If you’re into the fashion scene of Bulgaria, the name Mina Kaye should ring a bell. She runs Maria Queen Maria, the one and only Bulgarian brand that deconstruct the societal norms surrounding the fashion scene. Mina Kaye is a renowned designer behind black, strange ensembles. Her designs are for the bold and courageous on the street.

Knapp’s designs

Knapp is a known fashion label in the country. It develops made-to-measure statement pieces. The people under the helm are Antonia Yordanova and Kristina Butchvarova, and they have been influenced by the peculiar ‘50s fashion that makes use of emblematic silhouettes. Their signature is flowy, colorful tops and bottoms that make you an instant standout from the crowd.

Fabra Moda Studio’s designs

Gear up for amazing yet weird clothes! The limit of Fabra Moda Studio’s creativity is the sky—you will be amazed by how they curate their fashion pieces. They cater to the modern women of Bulgaria—a free-spirited, grown-up woman who bound to sashay her way to the world. The studio’s style is a combination of simple silhouettes and statement, effective details. They have this out-of-the-world yet simple approach to fashion, which is not really an eyesore as you wear one on the street.

Nikolay Bozhilov’s designs

Established in 2013, Nikolay Bozhilov’s fashion label is known to produce breathtaking yet erratic fashion pieces, which in fact gained the designer the prestigious Bulgarian Golden Needle Fashion Award. Nikolay designs unique, made-to-measure clothes and allows him to integrate his ideas with his clients’ wants and needs. Once you scroll through its website, you will be met with neutral ensembles that have never been seen in the world! Nikolay Bozhilov, apparently, seems to not know the concept of “normal” and simple.”