Transfer from Bourgas airport – book a cheap taxi

Transfer from the airport is a headache for the most part of independent travelers. Sometimes it turns out that the saved euro on air travel, choosing the right hotel and insurance are going instantly to the greedy hands of taxi drivers.

And there is nothing to be done – you have no other options. They said that you should pay 100 Euros for 20 minutes’ drive – and you have to pay. After all, you don`t want to stuck with suitcases at the airport.

How to book a cheap airport transfer and save on a taxi?

To avoid such situations, it is highly recommended to book a transfer while you are still at home at the computer and can choose the most optimal variant for a fair price. We analyzed the majority of companies that deal with transfers in Bulgaria and chose the most acceptable option for the ratio of price and quality.

How much does a taxi in Bulgaria cost?

Taxis in Bulgaria are just very expensive. At the same time the prices from the resort to the resort can vary very much. In Pomorie, it costs about 2 levs per kilometer and the meter there is honest, and in Sunny Beach – already 4-5 levs, and the counter rotates almost faster than the wheels.

Average, a trip from the airport of Burgas to the popular resort of Sunny Beach costs in 100-150 levs . If you book a taxi, you can pay 2-3 times less.

How to save money on a taxi – the advantages of online booking

We highly recommend booking a taxi from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport online. So you will pay 2-3 times less and save a  large sum of money.

Should you book a taxi from the airport to the hotel in advance?

Yes. If you want to use the service offered by us, you must book a taxi at least 16 hours before your arrival. It’s because of careful planning of routes (logistics) so you will be offered the lowest price.

Will it go directly to the hotel? Does the location of the hotel affect the price of the trip?

Yes, they will take you without any problems. It is recommended in the field Where to immediately indicate the hotel you need. The price of the trip does not depend on the address – within the city it is the same. Even if you have to drive 10 extra kilometers along the Sunny Beach.

Is it possible to book a return transfer from the hotel to the airport?

Of course, you can. Moreover – this is how we recommend you to do it. Taxis in Bulgaria are very expensive, and taxi drivers like to deceive tourists, greatly increasing prices. We came across a situation when for 5 minutes of a trip from Sunny Beach to Nessebar people paid 100 levs .

How do I know my driver?

The driver will wait for you at the exit from the airport. He will have a sign with your name in his hands. If you are coming from the hotel – it will be waiting in the hotel lobby.

And the driver will definitely meet me?

99.9% that he will meet. He is extremely interested in this. He will have your phone number, you have a number of a manager. If suddenly the driver does not meet you within half an hour, you can safely order any taxi at the airport or at the hotel – The company compensates for the difference (usually this is 3 times more expensive).

What if my flight is delayed?

On the price of the trip it does not affect in any way, and the driver in any case will be waiting for you at the airport.

Will the driver speak English?

In Bulgaria, in 90% of cases the driver will speak English. If suddenly you are unlucky, he will still have a clear description of the route and he will take you to place that you need. So you should not worry. He will not even take money, because you already made the payment online.


Выбрать маршрут такси в Болгарии

You choose the route you need, for example, from the Burgas airport to Sunny Beach

Choose a taxi car to the hotel or resort and make a payment.

The driver will meet you with a sign and take you to the chosen resort or directly to the hotel.

Alternative option – rent a car

If you are planning to rent a car in Bulgaria, we recommend you book it withthe Internet and indicate the airport as the place of issue.

In this simple way, you will be able to save quite a lot.

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