Bus schedule from Varna for 2016-2017

Varna – the largest city on the Bulgarian coast. From the bus station of Varna buses run not only along the coast but also inland.

If desired, from here you can also go abroad. The most popular routes – Istanbul (Turkey), Romania or Greece. We have seen even buses to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Odessa.

Where to go from Varna – our tips

Despite the fact that from Varna you can reach in almost every town of the coast, it is not very convenient as a starting point of the route. There are two reasons – long distances to major resorts and not very convenient for tourists bus timetable. We will explain in more detail.

To the nearest interesting city on the southern coast of Bulgaria – Nessebar – the trip takes 2 hours and 20 minutes. The ticket will cost you 12 levs one way, that is expensive. As a result, 5 hours are spent only for the way there and back and for waiting for the bus.

The last route to Varna departs at 18:05 from Nessebar. The first route to Nessebar (and to any other southern city) departs at 11:30. In total it turns out, that in Nessebar you will spend max four hours. And when you consider a way to the bus station and back and some time to spare – even less.

Not much. Especially if to consider, that the road took 5 hours. About the other southern cities nothing to say. A road to Burgas takes for another 1 hour and 10 minutes (there is a direct route from Varna to Burgas, it takes only 2 hours and 20 minutes). Plus, buses run not exactly one by one, there are also breaks, which creates additional difficulties.

Of course, you can get with a few changes, on taxi or use irregular routes. You may even gain a few more hours. But this is an additional cost and wasted nerves.

It turns out, that travel from Varna is convenient only if you pre-book the hotel in the city that you want and stay overnight.

Varna – Balchik

In Balchik it will be very interesting to see the Botanical Garden. This is one of the main attractions of Bulgaria.

A road to Balchik takes only 40 minutes. A ticket costs only 5 levs [/ lev] one way.

If there are no tickets to Balchik, you can buy tickets in Albena, it is near and will not be difficult to get there.

It is useful: more information about the trip to Balchik from Varna.

Varna – Nessebar

With some luck and if there will be additional routes in summer, you can go to see the old town of Nessebar – one of the most beautiful on the Bulgarian coast.

You should note, that a road will take more than 2 hours, and sometimes 2 and a half hours, and a ticket to Nessebar costs 12 levs or 24 levs on both sides.

Where else to go from Varna?

From Varna it would also be interesting to go to the mainland – to see the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, to visit the city on seven hills – Plovdiv, to walk through the ancient capital of the Bulgarian people – Veliko Tarnovo, to see Bachkovo Monastery and Rila Monastery.

It may be also interesting to visit neighboring countries. Bulgarian visa allows you to travel to Romania and Croatia (if dual visa). Without any problems you can go to Istanbul, and if you have the Schengen visa – to Greece or any other European country.

Where is a bus station in Varna?

In Varna there are two main bus station, and several additional bus stops where you can take a passing bus. Unfortunately, we do not remember the exact location of bus stops, maybe you will complete us in comments.

At the main bus station of Varna (on the map it is marked with the icon of the bus), you can purchase a ticket to almost any city of the country also to the majority of European cities.

Opposite the bus station is located a big shopping center Grand Mall with a fairly average prices and a good selection of products for every taste. Between arrival at Varna and departure to Balchik we had a break for about 40 minutes – we were able to walk to shops and to see the range of products. Prices are quite high, but the choice is good. We liked this mall more, than shops in Burgas. On the top floor there are many cafes, where you can eat. There’s even a McDonald’s.

There is also an additional bus station, which we noted on the map of Varna with a red marker. Here you can take a passing bus to one of the most popular seaside resorts: Balchik, Burgas, Nessebar, Sunny Beach and Ravda.

Bus schedule from Varna for 2017

It should be honestly said, that this schedule is not exactly accurate. In fact, there are few more routes, but not about all of them we know. If you have any information – please write in comments and we will gladly supplement this table.

However, this schedule can be used for approximate planning of independent excursions around Bulgaria. It gives an idea of the time of departure and arrival of buses, on the cost of a trip and the presence of a route you want.

Выезд из городаПрибытие в городВремя в путиЦена поездки
БалчикВарна07:45-08:25 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна08:30-09:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна09:30-10:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна10:00-10:40 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна11:04-11:44 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна11:30-12:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна12:30-13:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна13:14-13:54 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна13:30-14:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна15:05-15:45 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна15:30-16:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна16:30-17:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна17:20-18:00 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна18:00-18:40 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БалчикВарна18:10-18:50 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
БургасВарна06:30-8:50 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
БургасВарна07:00-9:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
БургасВарна08:30-10:50 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
БургасВарна09:00-11:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
БургасВарна10:00-12:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
БургасВарна11:00-13:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
БургасВарна12:00-14:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик06:30-07:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик08:30-09:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик08:50-09:40 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик09:30-10:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик10:30-11:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик11:00-11:40 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик12:30-13:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик13:30-14:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик14:30-15:10 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик15:00-15:40 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик17:00-17:40 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик18:00-18:40 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБалчик18:40-19:20 (40 минут)5 ЛВ
ВарнаБургас13:00-15:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
ВарнаБургас14:00-16:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
ВарнаБургас15:00-17:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
ВарнаБургас16:00-18:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
ВарнаБургас17:00-19:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
ВарнаБургас18:00-20:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
ВарнаБургас19:00-21:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)14 ЛВ
ВарнаНесебр11:30-13:50 (2 часа, 20 минут)12 ЛВ
ВарнаНесебр16:00-18:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)12 ЛВ
ВарнаНесебр17:00-19:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)12 ЛВ
ВарнаНесебр18:00-20:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)12 ЛВ
ВарнаОбзор13:00-14:05 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ВарнаОбзор14:00-15:05 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ВарнаОбзор15:00-16:05 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ВарнаОбзор16:00-17:05 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ВарнаОбзор17:00-18:05 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ВарнаОбзор18:00-19:05 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ВарнаОбзор19:00-20:05 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ВарнаПоморие13:00-14:50 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ВарнаПоморие14:00-15:50 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ВарнаПоморие15:00-16:50 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ВарнаПоморие16:00-17:50 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ВарнаПоморие17:00-18:50 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ВарнаПоморие18:00-19:50 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ВарнаПоморие19:00-20:50 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ВарнаСолнечный берег11:30-13:30 (2 часа)12 ЛВ
ВарнаСолнечный берег16:00-18:00 (2 часа)12 ЛВ
ВарнаСолнечный берег17:00-19:00 (2 часа)12 ЛВ
ВарнаСолнечный берег18:00-20:00 (2 часа)12 ЛВ
НесебрВарна08:00-10:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)12 ЛВ
НесебрВарна09:30-11:50 (2 часа, 20 минут)12 ЛВ
НесебрВарна10:00-12:20 (2 часа, 20 минут)12 ЛВ
НесебрВарна11:35-13:55 (2 часа, 20 минут)12 ЛВ
НесебрВарна12:30-14:50 (2 часа, 20 минут)12 ЛВ
НесебрВарна15:35-15:55 (2 часа, 20 минут)12 ЛВ
НесебрВарна18:05-18:25 (2 часа, 20 минут)12 ЛВ
ОбзорВарна07:45-8:50 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ОбзорВарна08:15-9:20 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ОбзорВарна09:45-10:50 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ОбзорВарна10:15-11:20 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ОбзорВарна11:15-12:20 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ОбзорВарна12:15-13:20 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ОбзорВарна13:15-14:20 (1 час, 5 минут)8 ЛВ
ПомориеВарна07:00-8:50 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ПомориеВарна07:30-9:20 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ПомориеВарна09:00-10:50 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ПомориеВарна09:30-11:20 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ПомориеВарна10:30-12:20 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ПомориеВарна11:30-13:20 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
ПомориеВарна12:30-14:20 (1 час, 50 минут)13 ЛВ
Солнечный берегВарна08:20-10:20 (2 часа)12 ЛВ
Солнечный берегВарна09:40-11:50 (2 часа)12 ЛВ
Солнечный берегВарна10:20-12:20 (2 часа)12 ЛВ
Солнечный берегВарна10:20-12:20 (2 часа)12 ЛВ
Солнечный берегВарна12:50-14:50 (2 часа)12 ЛВ