At the exhibition of sand sculptures, we came not accidental. After reviewing a variety of materials about Bulgaria at home, we have decided that not be amiss to visit both the city of Burgas, and its main sparkle – a park with figures. We wanted personally to see, how on a small platform are organically and compactly could fit different animals and birds. Some of the sculptures we liked, and some have remained incomprehensible to us. However, the most important – this small collection of animals from the sand made a lasting impression on us, because we have not seen of anything similar yet.

Many people are advise to watch sandy masterpieces in the evening, when special lighting gives a special charm and fascination to the exhibits. We visited the park in the afternoon, because before that we wanted to take a walk through the beautiful streets of Burgas, and to find out the truth about the much-vaunted shopping.

From a private experience: it is better to go to the festival in the morning or evening. Since sandy sculptures are located in open terrain there is no shadow, do not forget to take a bottle of water and a headwear, and the most important – do not forget the camera! Believe me, these works of art will not leave you indifferent.

A Festival of Sand Figures in Burgas

The festival takes place not the first year from July to September. This year (2015) it was already eight in a row. Every time is given a certain theme of the exhibition and various wizards compete in their ability to surprise residents and visitors of the city.

We were lucky to get to the festival under the name “On safari with a camera.”. An entrance to the exhibition area for child cost 1 lev, for an adult – 3 levs, and for groups of 10 people or more – 2 levs. I do not know how much this information is true, but said that on the opening day (3rd of July) an entrance for all comers was free. And one of the surprises had to be the show from masters about details of construction of Sand Figures.

Initially, to be honest, we were thinking a little whether to pay for such pleasure or to save and be limited to free seaside park? But when decided and went to look sandy wonders, we were pleasantly surprised. Yes, there was not a lot of sculptures (for about 20), but they all were thoroughly thought out and expertly executed by sculptors from different countries: Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Turkey, and even Australia.

Most of all we liked thecomposition of pandas, performed by Ukrainian girl Irina Kalyuzhina. Large and small bamboo bears, as if in reality been transported from distant China to sunny Bulgaria. Beside each sculpture there was a plate, where in Bulgarian language was not only indicated the authorship, but also a brief description of the animal: habitat, diet, attitude of the local population to this type.

The least understood sculpture was “Safari”. Despite the large size and detailing in the form of running to the watering antelopes, it did not impress us. But as they say: “tastes differ”.

From what and how to make sculptures? How long can live sandy masterpieces?

For creation sculptures, to the park every year are imported tons of damp-proof sand. For greater strength it is first sieved and then mixed with clay. From the resulting mixture with a shovel and their own hands are made sculptures, which are then coated with a special adhesive. This compositions are manage to stand for a few months (from July to September).

An interest in the festival of sand sculptures is growing every year. If in the first year it was attended by only about 15 thousand of tourists, then in next 4 years the number has risen in 8 times.

If you will choose as a holiday resort exactly Bulgaria, we are advise you not to be too lazy, to find a bit of precious time and to visit the fascinating Sand Sculpture Festival in Burgas. The impression from the seen will be a truly memorable.

How to get to the sandy figures?

Sandy sculptures were located in a small park “Ezero” with an area of 5 hectares. As we lived in Nessebar, we had to get to Burgas by bus. Fortunately, they go frequently (every 40 minutes), and the cost of such a trip is not very big – 6 levs per person (as opposed to a trip to Varna – 12 levs).

To get to the festival, you can in two ways: to leave on a last stop of the bus, that is at the bus station (we recommend) and go through the large and beautiful seaside park as we did, or leave on a stop which is called “Park Ezero”. The stop is almost at the entrance of Burgas from Nessebar.

For your convenience we post a map with the designation of the park on it and a bus schedule from Nessebar to Burgas and back:

Photos of Sand Figures

The most interesting and original sculptures are presented below in the selection of our photos of the eighth annual festival of Sand Figures in Burgas. They all seemed to came down from pictures about animals. Judge for yourself:

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