A treatment in Pomorie: prices of sanatoriums, health resorts and procedures

Despite the great interest among tourists to treatment in Pomorie, on the Internet is not a lot of information on the subject. Basically, you can find forums with five-year-old reviews or articles of authors, who clearly have never been to Bulgaria. We could not find any full description of sanatoriums, health resorts, hotels and procedures, that are offered.

In this article we will try to tell you everything we know about the treatment in Bulgaria and to recommend you the most interesting hotels.

What is the difference of curative mud of Pomorie?

In this article, we will not go into the unique composition of the therapeutic mud of Lake Pomorie – much better if specialists in the clinic will tell you about it. We can only say that many people compare them with the waters of The Dead Sea on the healing properties.

Therapeutic muds of Pomorie are considered one of the most effective, not only on the Bulgarian coast, but throughout Europe. Not in vain rich Europeans, Americans, mostly of retirement age, and Russian tourists come here for treatment.

Besides therapeutic muds is also used a mineral water with unique properties (at a low content of mineral supplements, it contains a lot of fluoride and magnesium).

Even a simple recreation at local black sand, which is rich in iron and is considered extremely useful for the musculoskeletal system, will be useful.

And the last option of local treatment – a lye, which is used for the treatment of upper respiratory tract. This oleaginous yellow liquid contains a range of various organic and mineral substances and is considered to be extremely effective.

What procedures can you do in Pomorie?

It should be specified, that a selftreatment with mud can be not only useful, but also harmful for your health – local mud is a really highly potent cure, which can only be used with a full understanding of what and why you are doing.

In order not to harm your health, you should consult with a specialist and undergo a small complex of surveys in a local hospital or a hotel (if such service is offered). Such a pleasure is not very expensive, but it can save you from serious health problems.

Where is a hospital in the town of Pomorie?

In Pomorie there is a specialized rehabilitation center, where you can get professional consultation and to take the full complex of treatment.

In Bulgarian the rehabilitation center called “Spetsializirana bolnitsa za rehabilitatsia-Pomorie” (СПЕЦИАЛИЗИРАНА БОЛНИЦА ЗА РЕХАБИЛИТАЦИЯ-ПОМОРИЕ).

The address of the hospital: Pomorie, Prof. Parashkev Stoyanov 7 str., 8200 Pomorie, Bulgaria

Tel.: +359 59 625 292

To make it easier to find a hospital, we noted its location on a map and added an interactive panorama, which you can rotate in all directions for a better view.

Here you can take an outpatient treatment or simply to be surveyed. After it specialits will create for you a complex of medical procedures, which can be taken at the hotel. For better results, it is suggested to bring a medical card and other similar documents.

What diseases are treated in Pomorie?


The diseases of the male reproductive system:

  • a prostatitis;
  • an oligospermatism;
  • an epididymitis;
  • a vesiculitis.

The diseases of the musculoskeletal system:

  • an arthritis;
  • an arthrosis;
  • conditions after injuries and fractures.

The diseases of the peripheral and central nervous systems:

  • a radiculitis;
  • a paresis;
  • a neuritis;
  • an intervertebral disc disease;
  • a cerebral palsy.


The diseases of the female reproductive system:

  • an infertility;
  • a dysmenorrhea;
  • an ovarian hypofunction;
  • a parametritis.

Skin diseases:

  • trophic skin ulcers;
  • a psoriasis with psoriatic arthritis;
  • a scleriasis.

The diseases of the respiratory system:

  • a bronchitis;
  • a sinusitis.

Preventive maintenance:

  • of the respiratory diseases;
  • of the hypertensive disease;
  • total improvement of an organism.


What methods of treatment are used?

During treatment experienced professionals in a hospital or in a hotel will create for you an individual complex of procedures of procedures, which may consist of:

  • appliques;
  • baths with mud and leach (salt water);
  • cavitary treatment – a vaginal and a rectal tampon
  • egyptian method of treatment – an open-air mud therapy, which allows to combine a mud therapy and sun bathing
  • a physiotherapy
  • kinesiatrics
  • a massage – dry or underwater
  • compresses with lye
  • inhalations with lye
  • saunas
  • a therapeutic pool
  • a fitness
  • a dietary food depending on the disease.

What are the contraindications to treatment?

Like any particularly effective therapy, mud therapy has contraindications. It is not recommended to undergo treatment if:

  • observed increased temperature or acute infectious diseases;
  • there are open bleedings;
  • You are after heart attack;
  • you have a hypertensive disease of III stage or a cardiac decompensation;
  • there are serious pulmonary diseases, for example, an active tuberculosis or a pulmonary abscess;
  • you have mental illnesses, an epilepsy.

Prices for treatment in Pomorie

In comparison to similar resorts of Israel, the treatment in Pomorie is not expensive. You can find out the exact price only after consulting a doctor and creation of the individual complex of medical procedures. Your treatment program is being created on the basis of a whole range of laboratory, clinical, echographic and X-ray surveys.

Approximately, the week of treatment would cost about 840 levs (120 levs per day).

In what hotels of Pomorie therapeutic procedures are offered?

To make it easier to navigate among a very large number of the hotels of Pomorie, we have picked for you those, which specialize in high-quality and professional treatment. It should be clarified, that in more expensive hotels, you will be able to get professional consultation and a full range of necessary procedures, and cheap hotels offer only a modest list of services.

If you are limited by a small budget, you can choose a cheaper hotel and get all necessary procedures in a rehabilitation department of the hospital.

Pomorie Grand Hotel – Balneohotel Pomorie

The leading hotel of Pomorie, which offers exactly the complex of medical procedures. The main advantage – you do not have to stand in queues every day in the hospital or to stay in the ward with other people, all the treatment will take place in comfortable conditions of the hotel.

The hotel itself is located in the old part of the city, just a few steps from Lake Pomorie. Nearby there is a nice sandy beach where you can swim or sunbathe.

Note that in old reviews this hotel is called Balneohotel Pomorie, and in new – Pomorie Grand Hotel. In fact it is the same hotel.


Sunset Resort 5 *

One of the largest hotel complexes in Pomorie. Its advantages – the excellent level of service and comfort, and minuses – its location. The hotel is located in the new part of Pomorie, quite far from the old city center (30 minutes walk or 5 minutes by bus, fare – 2 levs).


Balneohotel Pomorie

In fact – it is a luxury variant of the preceding hotel, with all its pluses and minuses.


The Vineyards Resort

This hotel is quite far from the city, at the northern tip of Lake Pomorie. It is believed that the mud in that side is little “stronger” and has a rich black color. Not far from the hotel there is a small town of Aheloy.


Interhotel Pomorie

The last hotel in our selection, where there is a really worthy complex of therapeutic procedures. Unlike previous variants, it is suitable for thrifty tourists, who do not have the ability to pay for five-star service, but have the desire to improve their health.

Hotel “Trakiets”

Directly at the hotel there are no medical procedures. The main reason why we included it into our selection – a convenient location (close to the beach and a 5-minute walk from the hospital) and an information about the mud therapy on the hotel’s website. At least, the hotel staff will provide you with the necessary information. This is not too bad, actually.


Hotel “Zeus”

The reason why we have added this hotel to our sellection, is similar to the previous variant – it is located close to the hospital and in a beautiful place. Hotel staff knows about the features of mud therapy and can help you in case of any problems.


Other hotels in Pomorie

Generally speaking, in Pomorie only few fairly expensive hotels are specialized in mud therapy. Most just offer an accommodation not far from the hospital, and their employees will be able to help you if you will have any questions.

You can choose any popular or cheap hotel in Pomorie and go for treatment to a sanatorium every day. We invite you to view a selection of the best hotels: