Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. Prices, hotels and reviews

If we talk about popular resorts in Bulgaria, the first comes to mind exactly Sunny Beach. More than 15 kilometers of sandy beaches, a lot of comfortable hotels, luxurious restaurants and noisy discos – all this awaits you right here, in Sunny Beach.

The beaches of Sunny Beach – 15 kilometers of sand

About the beaches of Sunny Beach is written almost more than about all other Bulgarian beaches. 15 kilometers of sandy beaches in a cozy small bay with hotels All Inclusive.

On the beaches were created all comforts: there are restaurants, sun beds and sunshades (they cost 8-10 levs), changing cabins, massage, rescue workers and any water activities .

In Sunny Beach, we have counted five water parks, but probably there are even more of them, especially if we consider very small. If desired, you can find mini-golf, rent a scooter or electric scooter.

Personally, it seemed to us that the resort is too advertised, and prices are just cosmic for budget Bulgaria. While for Muscovites these prices may seem quite acceptable.

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Hotels in Sunny Beach - cheap booking


In Sunny Beach there are a lot of hotels. There are both five-star options on the first line, and cheaper and not so prestigious habitation. We have tried to prepare for you a small review of the best hotels in Sunny Beach.

5* hotels in Sunny Beach in Bulgaria – our selection

In Sunny Beach there is little more than a dozen hotels 5*. In terms of service and comfort they are not much inferior to the leading hotels of Turkey or Egypt. In this case, prices for accommodation are little lower here.

We have analyzed the reviews of tourists and selected 5 most popular and interesting 5* hotels. You can book your favorite variant at the lowest price.

Boutique Apart Hotel Versis

Rather small, but very cozy hotel variant, that is ideal for a family holiday. Among advantages we should mention the presence of family rooms, free internet access, a swimming pool, a sunbathing terrace and a free parking. The hotel is located just in 250 meters from a bus station.

Royal Palace Helena Park – Ultra All Inclusive

This is a hotel with “All Inclusive”, and the prefix “Ultra” indicates the extended range of food and alcoholic drinks. The hotel area is very nice, it is clean and fairly quiet. We should mention the presence of safes in rooms, a gym and a spa at the hotel.

Helena VIP Villas and Suites

The hotel is located in the Northern part of Sunny Beach, near the resort of Saint Vlas, near a large and beautiful park. Nearby there is a water park. The hotel has a jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, a sauna and a steam bath. You can also take some exercises at a tennis court or play billiards. Of course, the hotel has free WiFi.

Royal Palace Helena Sands

The hotel is located in the northern part of Sunny Beach, on the border with the popular resort of Sveti Vlas, near a large park. There is an outdoor and an indoor pool, and another pool designed especially for children. There is also a spa center. It is all-inclusive hotel, the rooms here are spacious and comfortable, most of them with sea views.

Barceló Royal Beach

This hotel is located in the center of Sunny Beach, near a large water park. Some complaints are caused by the speed of the Internet, which sometimes does not work too stable. The hotel’s design is very beautiful, the furniture, of course, is new, rooms are very spacious. In the hotel you will find several large pools. Both indoor and outdoor.

Top 4* hotels in Sunny Beach – best options

For those, who do not want to overpay for stars, we offer our selection of the best 4* hotels. In Bulgaria these hotels are not much inferior to 5* hotels and preserve the comfort of your holiday at the highest level. Hotel Booking System, which we offer, analyzes the prices at all sites on the Internet and choose the cheapest options.

DIT Majestic Beach Resort

If we consider 4* hotels, this option is one of the best and the most popular. Tourists notice several excellent swimming pools and well-groomed territory, as well as spacious and comfortable accommodation and good food. Only expensive internet causes some complaints. And a first class service deserves special attention.

Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort – All Inclusive

This option is ideal for a beach holiday as well as for families. The hotel is very clean and well maintained, there is a friendly staff and excellent animators. Rooms are equipped with safes. It is all-inclusive hotel, the selection of dishes and the food is very good. Of course, there is a pool, a bar, a spa, a gym and a business center. There is a parking nearby. The speed of the Internet raises no objections

Hotel Neptun Beach – All Inclusive

The main feature of this hotel are a good food and an animation. That is, the hotel is ideal for a comfortable stay with children. Rooms are spacious and comfortable. The hotel has a restaurant, a bar, a swimming pool and a gym. Guests are serviced 24 hours a day. Concerning the quality of service there are no complaints. It is a comfortable small car parking near the hotel. Internet does not always work stably.

DIT Evrika Beach Club Hotel – All Inclusive

Like most 4* hotels in Sunny Beach, this is all-inclusive hotel. It has a swimming pool, and nearby – a good water park. Food in the hotel is beyond praise – dishes are various, fresh and delicious. The hotel is located on the first line, it has a swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant, a gym and a business center. Only expensive internet causes complaints. Total feedback is very good.

Galeon Apart Hotel & Spa

This hotel is located in the southern part of Sunny Beach, near the town of Nessebar. Our walk here by foot took about 15-20 minutes. Its main advantages are considered to be spacious rooms, but food and high prices cause complaints from some guests. From a distance the hotel is somewhat reminiscent of the oven and creates a bit mixed impression.

If you prefer to live in your own apartment, and not at the hotel, and determine independently the duration of your holiday, we recommend to use AirBnB. On this website, people from across the world lease out and rent apartments. You also can try to find interesting options in Sunny Beach:

Prices in Sunny Beach

Hotels in Sunny Beach - cheap booking

Sunny Beach is not only the most popular resort in Bulgaria, but also the most expensive. Prices are much higher than, for example, in the nearby town of Nessebar – an ancient city with elegant architecture.

Therefore, if you want a budget vacation, we really do not recommend to choose this resort. It will be very expensive. Just feels like a resort pulls out of you all the money to the last penny.

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Entertainments in Sunny Beach – where to go and how to spend time

Entertainments in Sunny Beach - where to go and how to spend time

Sunny Beach – a perfect place for entertaining. Besides luxury hotels there is nothing to seethere are no any attractions.

But in daytime, you can sit in a restaurant, sail boat, fly with a parachute over a bay, buy souvenirs in one of the many shops or visit a water park. Many tourists spend their time at pools, buffets or under conditioners, some tourists do not get to the sea during the whole holiday.

At night Sunny Beach is a paradise for lovers of discos and nightclubs. Music does not cease for a moment, signs of erotic shows sparkle with colored lights, foam parties and thematic discos attract tourists.

How to get to Sunny Beach? Looking for cheapest tickets

How to get to Sunny Beach? Looking for cheapest tickets

If you are planning to organize your own holiday in Sunny Beach (SB), we recommend you to buy tickets to the airport of Burgas – this is the nearest airport to the resort. You can get to Sunny Beach by bus (it costs about 6.5 levs per person), and by taxi for about 35-40 Euro. If it is expensive for you and you do not want to overpay, we recommend you to use the KiwiTaxi service – trip will cost about 30 Euros and save your 25%. Do not forget to book a return transfer. From Sunny Beach to Bourgas, a taxi ride costs from 50 Euro.

Going from the airport of Burgas to SB is about 40 minutes. The bus will take you to the bus station Sunny Beach, which is located approximately in the center of the resort. If you need to exit earlier – warn the driver, along the way there are several stops on the SB.

To make it easier for you to pick up tickets, we have already found for you the cheapest tickets to Sunny Beach for the coming dates from different airports. You just need to choose the month and date and buy the ticket that is optimal for you:

What if you do not want to deal with all of this and prefer to just buy a tour?

Ready-made tours are often even cheaper than independent tourism. We found a rather interesting service that compares the prices of tours of the main tour operators and offers the cheapest and profitable options. Do not forget to specify the start and end dates you need after the search. By default, the search is done on the upcoming dates and selects tours for 2 people.

Our reviews about Sunny Beach

Our reviews about Sunny Beach

In order to enable you to decide whether you want to rest in Sunny Beach, we have prepared our little reviews about this resort.

A review from Victor about Sunny Beach in Bulgaria

Personally, I did not really like Sunny Beach. The resort is frankly expensive, and locals are too intrusive (this is not typical for Bulgaria).

Prices here are 3-4 times higher than in Pomorie, there is nothing to see and beaches are so crowded, that there is no any desire to swim. For me it was one of the most boring resorts of the country.

But it is worth considering that I am by nature a rather closed person, and even a little greedy. I rarely go out to discos and nightclubs, I am not attracted by nightlife and “entertainments”.

A review from Alina about Sunny Beach in Bulgaria

Sunny Beach is probably one of the most promoted resorts in Bulgaria. There is a huge number of hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. Sunny Beach is very fond of young people, therefore the nightlife of the resort is always roaring and many-sided.

When you settle in this town (especially if not on the first line), you risk wasting up to half an hour of your precious time in a day to reach a beach under the hot summer sun while sinking into the hot sand (though to some beaches are laid paths made of wooden boards).

Vacation in Sunny Beach can be attributed to more elitist and expensive. If you want to be arranged nice and with comfort, then Sunny Beach – is exactly what you need.

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