The resorts of Bulgaria and their attractions

Bulgaria has a lot of different resorts, which differ not only in prices, but also in a set of attractions and entertainments. For example, in Nessebar there are really interesting places to see, neighboring Sunny Beach can boast a huge number of discos and nightclubs, and a small resort village of Ravda, that is located to the south of Nessebar, can boast perhaps only slightly lower prices.

In this article we will try to answer the question: Which resort of Bulgaria choose to see the sights as much as possible cheap and easy?

Choose the best resort of Bulgaria – where to live?

We have already written several times in different articles about the right choice of the resort in Bulgaria. But then we have relied primarily on prices, quality of beaches and comfortable accommodation. Here we will consider main Bulgarian resorts in terms of attractions, prices and transport: what can be seen directly at the resort, where can you get without problems and how much it will cost?

We have prepared a kind of TOP of the resorts of Bulgaria according to their attractions and comfortableness of the location, the presence of regular public transport routes. We have also took into account prices of food, souvenirs and entertainments. We hope that our selection will help you to choose the best resort of Bulgaria.

Nessebar – the old town on an island

Attractions: Excellent.
Transport: Good.
Prices: Above average.

Old Nessebar – one of the most beautiful towns on the Bulgarian coast. The old town is located on an island connected to the mainland by the only bridge.

Almost the entire Old Town – continuous attractions. Here remained the ruins of the ancient churches of the Byzantine era, the city wall, romantic medieval streets, old Bulgarian houses.

The city is also not devoid of commercial vein – here is much more than is necessary of all kinds of souvenir shops, stores and restaurants. Sometimes their importunity is even unpleasant.

Prices in Nessebar are above national average – it is one of the most popular, and, therefore, expensive resorts. In Nessebar you can eat food from a supermarket – it turns out much cheaper.

In terms of transport, Nessebar is just a great option. The city is located near the center of the coast, and therefore from it you can get to almost any seaside resort – Balchik, Varna, Pomorie, Burgas and etc. If you want to get deep into the country, you will have to go with a change in Varna or Burgas. There are almost no direct routes from Nessebar.

We encourage you to read: an article about the sights of Old Nessebar and the good selection of our photos of Nessebar and its surroundings.

Burgas – a major trading city and port with a number of interesting corners

Attractions: Excellent.
Transport: Good.
Prices: >Above average.

Burgas is one of the largest cities on the Bulgarian coast. In size it is inferior unless to Varna, and even then not much. The city has a seaport, and nearby – a large airport. Trasport also did not disappoint us – from the city is possible to visit most of the seaside resorts and the center of the country. Perhaps you can not only visit the Botanical Garden in Balchik, since it is quite far to get to it and the way is difficult.

If we talk about the sights of Burgas, then first of all are remembered ancient churches of the city, a monument to Alyosha and a main street with lots of shops.

Personally, we were most impressed with the Seaside Park of Burgas – the amazingly beautiful corner of the city. We also recommend to visit the exhibition of sand sculptures – each year the theme of the exhibition is different, and sculptures, that made by artists from around the world, really worth of spent 3 levs for entrance.

Despite the fact that the majority of websites recommend to go to Burgas for shopping, prices in the city are quite high, a lot of imitations of brands and Turkish goods. In general, we did not like it.

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Pomorie – a small quiet town with lots of attractions

Pomorie - a small quiet town with lots of attractions

Attractions: Excellent.
Transport: Average.
Prices: Low.

We would call this town our favorite. In Pomorie you can see just a wonderful combination of beautiful nature, interesting attractions and low prices on souvenirs and food. The town is very quiet and peaceful, not touristic. Vacationers come here more for relaxation than for entertainments, a lot of tourists here have purchased apartments and moved to permanent residence.

Especially we recommend to visit Lake Pomorie and to enjoy the sun at a deserted beach on a sand spit. Also it will be interesting to visit the monastery of St. George, where the icon of St. George is kept and reigns simply inexpressible atmosphere. You can visit a salt museum, or to purchase elite alcohol drinks at a local factory.

From the city is most comfortable to travel to Burgas – literally 20-25 minutes. A ticket costs 3,5 levs from the Old City and 3 – from the new. You can also travel to Nessebar, Sozopol and Varna. You can also get to Balchik, but the way there is long and tedious, it is better not to travel with kids.

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Varna – one of the largest resorts on the coast of the country

Varna - one of the largest resorts on the coast of the country

Attractions: Good.
Transport: Excellent.
Prices: Average.

Varna, in our opinion, is the largest city on the Bulgarian coast. There are really a lot of attractions – from ancient temples to modern skyscrapers.

For many people when visiting Varna a mandatory program includes local dolphinarium and one of the major shopping centers.

In terms of transport Varna is simply ideal – from here you can get to every corner of the country. There are also bus routes abroad, for example, to Istanbul.

In Varna there is an airport.

Sunny Beach – excellent beaches and transport to the majority of places in Bulgaria

Sunny Beach - excellent beaches and transport to the majority of places in Bulgaria

Attractions: Bad.
Transport: Good.
Prices: Very high.

Sunny Beach – the most famous and the most expensive resort of Bulgaria. Every time we come here, we literally feel as the city draws out our money. Everything is very expensive, and local residents are intrusive, which is not typical for peaceful cozy Bulgaria. Beaches in Sunny Beach are very nice, but often crowded.

The resort has a lot of modern hotels, discos, several water parks and other attractions. Among the sights can be distinguished unless the nearby ancient town of Nessebar.

In terms of transport Sunny Beach is a very good option. You can easily get to any beach resort or go deep into the country (with a change in Varna).

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Balchik – a city where is located an amazingly beautiful Botanical Garden

Attractions: Average.
Transport: Bad.
Prices: Average.

We did not like Balchik. You should just turn from tourist streets and you will find yourself in shantytowns, as if in some kind of remote places. In the city, it is not a lot to see except a couple of unremarkable churches and 3-4 museums.

But next to Balchik is located a botanical garden. This is just an amazing place, where you can walk for hours, enjoying newer and newer beauties of nature. We recommend you to visit it.

In terms of transport the city is not very comfortable. You can not really visit any resort except Varna.

You will definitely enjoy: The Botanical Garden in Balchik – the pearl of Bulgaria.

Obzor or Ravda – nothing special, but there is public transport

Attractions: Bad.
Transport: Average.
Prices: Average.

Obzor and Ravda are very average resorts – prices and beaches here are average and absolutely no attractions.

In terms of transport, the cities are also average – you can ride along the entire coast, but buses do not go as often as we would like.

Golden Sands – a resort surrounded by mountains

Attractions: Below average.
Transport: Average.
Prices: Very high.

The resort of Golden Sands is the second most popular in Bulgaria. There are very good beaches and really hot, even stuffy – mountains do not provide access to fresh air.

Prices in the city are quite high, but there are no any especial attractions.

In terms of transport, from the resort you can get to Varna, from which to visit any corner of Bulgaria.

We advise you to visit: Varna, Nessebar and Balchik – they are pretty close to Golden Sands.

Sozopol – in our opinion, its interestingness is greatly exaggerated in the Internet

Attractions: Below average.
Transport: Below average.
Prices: Average.

Almost every website on the Internet is actively praise Sozopol. It is even called Bulgarian Jerusalem or Athens. In fact, the city does not have anything special. Everything as well as in Nessebar, but in miniature and not so concentrated. The city is distinguished only with its amphitheater.

Prices are average, but not a good location of the resort will allow you to go unless to Burgas and Pomorie. You can also get to Nessebar, but it is far away.

Unfortunately, we can not call our selection 100% objective (just like any other). In some cities we spent a lot of time and had time to study them, and in some of them it was enough a couple of hours. You may like some of attractions that we did not like, and vice versa. Much we have not yet managed to see and to visit. But in any case, this collection definitely gives some guidance.

The most interesting resorts of Bulgaria on a map

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