Aheloy: an overview and photos

Aheloy is a tiny, but very cozy town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Personally, we remembered it as a green, quiet and calm place. Aheloy, like the most resorts in Bulgaria, is actively built with hotels and cottages, its territory is expanding rapidly.

Through the town there flows the river with the same name – Aheloy. On the riverbanks there are a lot of fishermen, who are fishing with pleasure and relax their body and soul.

Although there are no showplaces or noisy nightlife here, the town attracts a lot of tourists every year. People come here to enjoy the beautiful nature, unhurried pace of life or medical treatment in spa resorts.

The number of people who want to buy the real estate in Aheloy for spending their time far from the bustle is growing. Eventually, many of them are arrive hither for permanent residence.

History of the town of Aheloy

History of the town of Aheloy

History of Aheloy stretches from the time of the Roman Empire. Then, on the territory of the city, there was a Roman fortress Chim. The settlement was named in its honor. Later, the Greeks settled here, due to them the area was named Chimos. In XX century the village got a Bulgarian name Chimovo. And already in 1960 it was named Aheloy, after the river that flows in the area. Until 2009, Aheloy was considered as the village. Now it’s a full-fledged town, that was included into Pomorie municipality.

The weather in Aheloy

History of the town of Aheloy

Spending holidays in Aheloy is preferred by people who, for the different reasons, don’t like a hot climate of other Bulgarian resorts. In contrast to the Golden Sands Resort, on the coast of the town there is no stuffiness and exhausting heat.

In summer the temperature rarely exceeds +27 °C. The temperature of the sea water varies in different months from +20 °C to +26 °C.

The beaches of Aheloy

The beaches of Aheloy

According to our observations, the seafront of Aheloy – is a continuous sandy beach, fenced off in a few places, with loungers and sunshades (at the territory of hotel complexes). During our tour from Nessebar to Pomorie, we passed along the coast of the town and saw the wild beaches with amazing nature and crystal clear water.

On the outskirts of Aheloy there sheltered a small camping. Here we saw houses of bizarre shape, the usual wooden buildings and old boats. The sand becomes a little darker there. Next to the camping there located the lake with healing mud, where tourists are often go for self-medication.


Hotels in Aheloy

Hotels in Aheloy

Aheloy has not so many hotels, but the town continues to be built actively. Existing hotels spread among the lush greenery. It’s particularly pleasant to walk on summer days in there.

Some tourists arrive to Aheloy also for the spa resorts, located on its territory.

Some hotels are in the suburbs along the sea, but in a few years the resort will be the popular highlight for tourists. On one of the vacant wasteland, we have seen a lot of running technique. Probably on that place a new hotel or the beautiful hotel complex will be built soon.

There are no manufacturing in Aheloy, so the air is very clean and pleasant here.

For our readers, we have chosen some of the most comfortable and cozy hotels according to the tourists estimates. All of them will hospitably meet you, even at the height of the summer season and help to feel all the charm of the Bulgarian vacation.

Comments about Aheloy

Since we are positive people and criticize anything very rarely, we liked Aheloy. Although we have been able to visit only the outskirts of town, and the rest of the territory we have seen many times through the bus window, we can safely advise this resort as a great holiday in Bulgaria.

The main part of Aheloy beaches are still wild, but there is just a special charm lies. Many people are aspire to noisy and crowded promenade of the popular Sunny Beach resort, but true connoisseurs of the purity and tranquility remain in Aheloy, in order to fully enjoy the beauties of the resort.

Let’s open a little secret, which most tourists does not know, as we managed to make sure in Bulgaria: between the Aheloy and Pomorie there is stretches a long narrow barrier beach that separates the Pomorie Lake from the Black Sea. There are practically no travelers, the sea is always clean, and fantastic landscapes are pleasing to the eye.

At the heart of Aheloy there is a small shady park with different kinds of coniferous and deciduous trees. In addition, you can see an interesting historical monument built in honor of the victory of the troops under the leadership of the Bulgarian ruler over the Byzantine army in the distant year 917.

To get to the city would not be difficult. Aheloy is located close to Pomorie and Ravda.

Using the bus or taxi you can get to the town of Nessebar, Sunny Beach resort and Bourgas. The city buses run regularly from these resorts.
Well, if you have rented a car, you can boldly start your journey along the modern European highway E-87. From Nessebar or from Bourgas to Aheloy the track is qualitative and without serpentine.

At the heart of Aheloy is located a small shady park with different kinds of coniferous and deciduous trees. In addition, you can see an interesting historical monument , built in honor of the victory of the troops under the leadership of the Bulgarian ruler over the Byzantine army in the distant year 917.

Selection of photos of Aheloy

Traditionally, we have made a small selection of beautiful photos of Aheloy. We hope that owing to our pictures and personal experience, you will love this small and quiet area at the Black see.

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