Rose of Bulgaria – cosmetics from Bulgaria

Recently, the demand for Bulgarian cosmetics highly increased. Many of the fairer sex began to use exactly these cosmetics.

What is the secret of success of this cosmetics? It’s very simple, because it is composed of natural ingredients, and the absence of parabens makes it indispensable in the life of every woman. Some cosmetics are useful, and even have some therapeutic effect. True or not, of course, up to you. We’ll just try to tell you everything, that we know about it ourselves.

Not a secret, that all women want to look good and not to invest in cosmetics all their salary. Every woman wants to fascinate and stupefy the man she loves with her fragrance.

With the expansion of demand for Bulgarian natural cosmetics, its variety every year becomes larger. One of the most popular manufacturers are: Bio Fresh, Bulgarska Rosa PLC – Karlovo and Refan. Their cosmetics are not just for women, there are products, intended for men and children.

In my experience, I can say, that we bought a set of the series “Rose of Bulgaria” (the manufacture of company Bio Fresh) and were very satisfied. Unsurpassed gentle fragrance of roses, that is spread throughout the room immediately, as soon as shampoo or gel is opened, and also fresh and long-lasting aroma, pleased us very much. And most importantly, these products are much cheaper, than widely promoted French or Italian brands.

Manufacturing of cosmetic products became possible due to the well-known all over the world Rose Valley. Rose oil – such a valuable and integral component not only in perfumes, is manufactured of the petals of oilseed roses (most valuable oils are made of damask roses – Rosa damascena and of white roses – Rosa alba).

Experts pay attention of all women, that if correctly to choose a rosewater (a product that is obtained in the production of rose oil), with its help it is possible to get rid from many unpleasant ailments. And for choosing a really curative elixir, you just need to carefully examine the label of offered product: it must be free of preservatives and impurities.

Pure rose water helps in puffiness of the face and eyelids, treats acne, has a beneficial effect to dry and fragile hair, cleans and refreshes dry and greasy skin, takes care of the mouth, protecting it from infections, reduces an irritation of skin after shaving, calms the nervous system. These properties of rose water give to understand, that it is rightly considered the miraculous. This elixir can be bought in any pharmacy of the country for just pennies.

Rose oil is also famous for its exclusive antiallergic properties. It is useful in skin diseases, headaches, neurological disorders, and hypertension. The oil nourishes and rejuvenates a mature skin, helps to smooth out shallow wrinkles, to regain the elasticity of the skin. A good effect is noted when it is applied to the skin with capillaries, that are located close to the surface of the skin, – spider veins are gradually disappear. Oil is perfect for care of the sensitive face skin, particularly it favorably affects the delicate skin around the eyelids. That is why the rose oil is included into many creams and gels.

A small amount of toilet water (from 8,5 levs[/ lev] to 12 levs), leaves a pleasant aroma, that follows you for a long time. What can we then tell about the exquisite perfumes (from 11 levs to 20 levs and above).

Separately, we want to highlight the Bulgarian soap (from 2,5 levs to 5 levs). It is very gentle and pleasant not only by aroma, but also by its texture. The soap is more like a cream, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin, promotes its regeneration.

Bulgarian cosmetics can be purchased in any resort town. In one of the specialized shops, consultants will help you to choose exactly what you need, will prompt, advise, and maybe even give a discount. After visiting a lot of seaside towns and villages during vacation, we can safely recommend Pomorie, as the city with the most democratic prices for cosmetics (and accommodation too).

The most important in the choice of good and quality cosmetic products – to buy in specialized stores; to study the composition of the offered products (all details are indicated on the label); and, of course, do not buy excessively cheap goods, because in every country there is no guarantee and protection against counterfeiting.

Bulgarian cosmetics is good as a souvenir. From personal experience: it is much more profitable to purchase a cosmetic set (from 7,5 levs in Pomorie to 12 levs in Nessebar), rather than to purchase cosmetic products separately.

We hope that these tips will help you in choosing of an exclusive gift or cosmetic products, that will please you personally with their quality and aroma. And since we do not advertise one specific brand, the wide range of products will not leave anyone indifferent.

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