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Interesting photos of the town of Nessebar from travelers, who have visited it

Interesting photos of the town of Nessebar from travelers, who have visited it

Nessebar – a small piece of Europe, surrounded by low, but really beautiful Bulgarian mountains, wonderful greenery of parks and quiet noise of the charming Black Sea.

The ruins of great works of art, which, it would seem, only recently were Orthodox churches, now attract crowds of curious tourists to the city. In Nessebar you will find not only a variety of unusual restaurants, various souvenir shops, vibrant night discos, but also clean equipped beaches, clear sea surface and parks, immersed in greenery.

Anyone, who at least once visit the city, will want to repeat his journey again to once again please himself and bring the most beautiful photos of Bulgaria.

The new part of Nessebar on photos

The new part of Nessebar on photos

The main part of tourists settles in the new part of Nessebar. There is easier to find accommodation, and it will cost less, than in a peninsula (the old part of the city). On the territory of the new part are located lots of shops and restaurants with delicious and high-quality products, there is well-established bus transport, although there is no bus station in Nessebar. In the city there are also nightclubs. They are located mainly on the coast and absolutely do not interfere with tourists to rest.

During our stay in Bulgaria, we were able to visit several cities. Therefore, we can say with confidence, that Nessebar is one of the best resort cities of the country.

The sights of the old part of Nessebar on photos

The sights of the old part of Nessebar on photos

Of course, the major attention of tourists deserves the old part of Nessebar. It is located on a partially sunken peninsula, which, in itself, is an unusual fact. In the old part of the city you can a see not yet fully destroyed fortress wall, the ruins of ancient temples, narrow streets paved with stone paving stones, beautiful wooden houses. Tourists especially like to be photographed here, because everything looks interesting and ancient.

To the old part of Nessebar is leading only a small isthmus. Along it is pleasant to walk on foot, watching the sea and seagulls swaying on the waves. On one side of the isthmus there is an ancient non-operating windmill – a symbol of the old town of Nessebar, on the other side there is a monument to Saint Nicholas – the patron saint of fishermen.

A selection of photos of beaches in Nessebar

What is the sea at the beaches of Sunny Beach? What is on the beach with a beautiful name Sand Dune? Bulgaria: tourism by yourself or excursions? So I want to give MY review about our journey, and then you can read review of my wife

The beaches of Nessebar are very similar, but still there is a difference between them. The city has 3 “large” beaches: the South Beach, a beach behind rocks, the North Beach and several small beaches around the old part of the city. The surface layer of beaches is mainly sandy (in the old town of Nessebar may be small shells), the sea is clean and crystal, the number of people varies of the season and of remoteness from hotels.

At the South Beach, the North Beach and the beach “Old Nessebar” were all amenities and even posts of rescuers. The cost of sunshades and sun loungers on the coast ranges from 5 levs in the old part of the city to 8 levs on the South and the North beaches.

Personally, we had a rest mostly on the beach behind rocks and the Dunes (the South Beach). These were the closest beaches to us and the most pleasant in terms of the availability of free places. From the coast in this part of the city opens a beautiful view of the peninsula of Nessebar.

We offer you to ensure the authenticity of our words by viewing photos taken at the beaches:

Hotels of Nessebar on photos

In Nessebar, particularly in the new part of town, you can always find an empty room, a hotel room or even a whole apartment. However, as we found out, this pleasure will be more expensive than accommodation reserved in advance through a tour operator.

In a standard hotel room you will be given at a disposal: a bed (single or double), a small fridge, a TV-set, an air conditioning, a wardrobe, a nightstand, a separate bathroom and a balcony with a dryer for clothes. Upon request you may be given an iron and an ironing board. Typically, the cost of housing includes breakfast. And at an apartment you can cook for yourself.

In more expensive hotels is not excluded the presence of pools and sun loungers, but for Nessebar such is a rarity.

Personally, we had a rest in the most ordinary and inexpensive 2* hotel Vanini in the new part of the city. We liked everything there – from cute and smiling hosts to a rather spacious two-room suite.

Below is represented a selection of photos of hotels in Nessebar:

Restaurants, cafes, taverns, shops and markets of Nessebar on photos


No matter, where you settle in Nessebar, you can always find a lot of restaurants, cafes, or simply fast food establishments. In the new part of the city there are several supermarkets. In a Nessebar there are no large markets with foods, they are replaced by small stalls with fruits. Lunch in a restaurant will cost you about 50 levs, therefore it is cheaper to cook by your own.

Bulgarian-made products are very qualitative and delicious. It seemed to us that in a supermarket “Mladost” prices are slightly lower than in other stores of Nessebar.

In the old part of the city are located mostly souvenir shops, there is a small market with clothes. The value of goods is aimed at tourists, is not excluded that you will be offered a discount.

To have an understanding of establishments in Nessebar, we offer to see our photos:

Our photos of flowers, fruits and nature of Nessebar as a whole

In the city there is plenty of shady parks, grow a lot of flowers and fruits. The most delicious ones are: figs, peaches and grapes. Palms, and sometimes oleanders, are often planted in large tubs, that stand along sidewalk or right near houses.

An unusual discovery for us become lilac bushes, that differ from usual kinds and bloom in late summer. The majority of trees in Nessebar are entwined with ivy. Even in restaurants and cafes there is greenery in interior.

In this collection of images we give you a bit of sun Nessebar and its vibrant nature:

More interesting photos of Bulgaria: