Bulgaria warmly offers its visitors a variety of cities and resorts for recreation. Here you will be able not only to plunge into the holiday extravaganza, but also to improve your health.

The nature of Bulgaria is very diverse and many-sided. Fans of taking pictures will be delighted by unusual landscapes on background of the sea or small waterfalls and caves in national parks of the country.

You will find that in Bulgaria there are many diverse excursions. Despite the fact, that their cost is much lower, than in more promoted countries, we would recommend to travel independently.

The photos of the town of Pomorie, Bulgaria

The attractions of Pomorie: photos, a map and our review

The old and new parts of the city - where to go for rest?

If we again decide to go to Bulgaria, then, most likely, we will choose exactly the old part of the town of Pomorie. Of all the cities, that we have been able to visit, in Pomorie are the lowest prices. It is a quiet resort, where there are no noisy night discos and fun until the morning. People come here to relax and try to be healed with the help of healing mud from the bottom of Lake Pomorie.

The old and the new parts of the city are connected by a narrow isthmus. It seems, that it is traditional for some Bulgarian resorts (Nessebar, Sozopol). In the new part of Pomorie there is the monastery of St. George, the Salt Museum, the Thracian Tomb (it did not impress us).

Old Pomorie is more interesting for tourists. Here is focused a lot of old buildings, beautiful quiet streets, plenty of available at price and quality souvenir shops. Pomorie, exactly its old part, is surrounded by greenery. A huge number of parks, flowers and all kinds of trees pleases ones eye and perfectly protects from the scorching sun. There is also a smaller number of ever-dissatisfied seagulls.

Below are the photos of resort vacation in Pomorie::

The photos of the city of Burgas, Bulgaria

Burgas and Varna - the largest cities in seaside Bulgaria

Sandy sculptures in Burgas

What is the difference of Pomorie from other cities of Bulgaria?

Shopping in Burgas

Attractions of Burgas

Burgas is a big and beautiful port city ashore the Black Sea in Bulgaria. There is something to see and where to go to rest. The city is famous for its surprisingly large seaside park, sand sculptures, that “grow up” every year in the park Lake, the Cathedral of St. Cyril and St. Methodius. Prices for food in Burgas are affordable, but the advertised shopping is actually proved to be quite expensive pleasure.

The city has several museums, an opera house and many different fountains. McDonald’s, that is loved by all tourists, is also present right on the main street.

A feature of Burgas can be considered “the navel of the city.” An unusual monument, from which are reckoned all streets and houses of the city.

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of Burgas.

A selection of the most interesting photos of the town:

The photos of the village of Aheloy, Bulgaria

Our route: Nessebar - Ravda - Aheloy - Lake Pomorie - Pomorie

Hotels in Aheloy

The beaches of Aheloy

History of the town of Aheloy

History of the town of Aheloy

Aheloy: an overview and photos

The small village of Aheloy is confidently and quickly gaining its position among tourists. There are no entertainments or any attractions. But there is a beautiful nature, balneological resorts and river Aheloy, where you can fish.

In the town are located many hotel complexes, especially along the coast. In Aheloy tourists often buy property, that in the further move here to live.

Hope you will enjoy photos of Aheloy:

The photos of Balchik, Bulgaria

The Botanical Garden and the Palace of Romanian Queen in Balchik

A luxurious botanical garden in Balchik - a place with surprisingly beautiful nature

By itself, the town of Balchik is not particularly interesting for tourists (though they write, that this is a romantic place, but we thought it is not so), but its main feature – Botanical Garden – attracts tourists from all over the world. The collection of cacti, that is planted in the park, is the second in the the world by a quantity of presented specimens.

The Botanical Garden by one of its sides overlooks a promenade, where there is a small but cozy residence of Romanian Queen Maria. You can visit her modest quarters for a reasonable fee 5 levs. Right from the balcony of Queen there is a beautiful view of the fabulous beaches of Balchik.

We share the photos of the town of Balchik with you:

The photos of the village of Ravda, Bulgaria

Ravda: weather, beaches, hotels and photos

The village of Ravda is actively being built up by hotels and private cottages. Prices for food still are not high, but already gradually catching up to their value in Nessebar. You will not be able to see something interesting in Ravda. Because, in the town there is nothing except an amusement park, a water park and the city hall with an original fountain in front of it.

The beaches in Ravda are clean, there are paid and free zones. On the South Beach during season there are too much tourists, that, however, is not particularly hinder vacationers.

The only thing that catches your eye when you come to Ravda – are delightfully different buildings. All hotels of the village have their own personality, which manifests itself even in the color of walls.

We offer to see a selection of photos of Ravda:

The photos of the town of Nessebar, Bulgaria

The sights of the old part of Nessebar on photos

A selection of photos of beaches in Nessebar

Interesting photos of the town of Nessebar from travelers, who have visited it

Meals in Bulgaria (Nessebar) - prices for food

Attractions of Nessebar - what to see in the city

Nessebar – is the spirit of antiquity, is the romance of the streets and parks, a variety of interesting attractions and just memorable stay. Despite the fact that in the city are high prices for food and services, the place attracts in its nets more and more new tourists.

In Nessebar there is everything for comfortable stay. There are equipped clean beaches, a huge amount of restaurants, shops and enough of various souvenir shops. If you like nightlife, then for you in the city there are nightclubs and many places are open until late night.

A photoselection of Nessebar will delight all, who is interested and in love with this wonderful city:

The photos of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Our reviews of beaches of Sunny Beach

How tourists are being cheated at the beaches of Sunny Beach

Our reviews about Sunny Beach

The beaches of Sunny Beach: photos and descriptions

What is the sea at the beaches of Sunny Beach?

Sunny Beach is a mix of expensive hotels and a huge number of night spots. Here rests a lot of tourists from all over the world, so prices at the resort are focused exclusively on them.

At Sunny Beach is well developed a beach recreation. Clean beaches and the sea water at the resort received the award Blue Flag. But you are unlikely to succeed peacefully sunbathe on the sand. Usually, Sunny Beach is very crowded.

Photos, made directly at the resort of Sunny Beach:

The photos of Varna, Bulgaria

Varna - one of the largest resorts on the coast of the country

Bulgaria. Where is it?

The ancient city of Varna is full of secrets. During its existence, it was under the vigilant control of several cultures, which could not fail to leave their mark on its buildings. At prices Varna is not too expensive resort. There are many restaurants, shops and even large shopping malls.

The city is proud of its Dolphinarium, Asparuhov bridge, the cathedral of the Holy Virgin, a seaside park. Varna has its own airport and a bus station. The beaches are clean, basically equipped.

You can see below the photos of the city of Varna:

More interesting photos of Bulgaria: