In this article we have tried to select for you the most successful and beautiful photos of the places in Bulgaria, that we managed to visit personally. But even the best camera can not display all the splendor of this country.

The collection of images includes: sand beaches, beautiful Black Sea, an unusual Balkan nature, the most interesting sights and resorts of Bulgaria.

We have tried to capture the unforgettable moments of our stay in the country, filled with sunshine and smiles of people. We hope you will like our idea and will appreciate one more article about Bulgaria.

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Bulgarian beaches оn photos

What can you see in Bulgaria in summer? + Lots of photos

Bulgaria is very rich in beaches. In all coastal towns, that stretch along the Black Sea coast, you can find well equipped sandy beaches, comfortable descents to the sea and even wild areas.

The rental price of sun loungers and sunshades varies from 6 levs to 8 levs, depending on the resort. For tourists are also offered spacious tents, cost of which ranges from 35 levs to 50 levs. As we have noticed, in Bulgaria vacationers prefer to rest at a free part of the beach with their own towels and sunshades (they can be bought near almost any beach – 12 levs). There are no private beaches, as the entire coastal zone of the country belongs to the state.

Those who like to sunbathe topless or even nude will also be happy to rest in Bulgaria. At almost every resort you can find secluded places. For example, in the outskirts of Pomorie there is a fairly large beach, where only nudists relax.

The most memorable for us was the beach on the spit. This is amazingly clean and beautiful place, located between Aheloy and Pomorie. There are no crowds of tourists, and the sea water is very clean and warm. Nearby there is Lake Pomorie with healing mud and bird sanctuary, that makes this place even more valuable.

We offer you to see our photos of the beaches of Bulgaria:

Bulgarian sea on photos

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The Black Sea near the coast of Bulgaria during 14 days of our vacation was mostly quiet, clean and calm. In a single day when there was a storm, the water became cooler, although it did not stop tourists.

The Black Sea waters are not as warm as, for example, the Adriatic and less salty, so it is harder to swim there. The water temperature is not very high, but very comfortable for a body.

A selection of photos of the Bulgarian sea:

Summer Bulgaria on photos

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In summer Bulgaria is a colorful mixture of pure sea, warm sun, boundless sky, delicious ripe fruits and a huge number of flowers. Arriving here for the first time, you will fall in love forever not only with its mild climate, but also with its hospitable locals.

To make sure of all of the above, is enough to look at the photos taken in Bulgaria in summer:

Resorts and cities of Bulgaria on photos

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Each resort of Bulgaria in its own way is beautiful and unique. Here you can not only enjoy wonderful sea air, to plunge into the depths of the warm Black Sea, but also to cure your old illnesses. Many national parks will warmly open their doors to let you into the world of beauty and harmony.

The climate of Bulgaria is mild and pleasant and ideal for family holidays. Many tourists over time so fall in love with this sunny country, that buy property here or even at all move to permanent residence.

Memories of sunny Bulgaria warm the soul, and we want to share them with you, dear readers, in the form of selection of photos:

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Attractions of Bulgaria on photos

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Bulgaria, like any other country has its specific attractions. We were able to see only a small part of them, but even that was enough to lead us into raptures.

Probably one of the most beautiful wonders of the country – is a botanical garden of Balchik. This truly magnificent collection of plants from around the world, year after year, gives a lot of fun to tourists.

The town of Nessebar is also can rightly be called the great attraction of the country, because in a small territory of its old part once were located 40 churches. Now Nessebar is included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a city-museum, that is annually visited by huge number of tourists.

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Much more interesting photos of Bulgaria: