Is Auto Racing Popular In Bulgaria?

Auto racing is a motorsport that involves automobiles that joins in a series of competition. These professional and non-professional automobile sports usually occur in different settings; they could be held on a wide road, race tracks, or closed circuit, depending on the event. Learning this kind of sport or any other sport for that matter requires one to take time and effort for practices; and knowing the techniques that will give you an edge against your opponents. Like in other field sports, auto racing has different types from which people can choose or chosen.  Auto racing became popular and exciting for a lot of people, especially from European countries like Bulgaria. Due to the extreme excitement, it provides for the audience who loves to attend and watch it live, it gained international attention, thus giving Bulgaria a new tourist event.

Is it Popular In Bulgaria?

The people in Bulgaria are very interested in motorsport. However, despite the overwhelming love for motorsport, this country is not well recognized in automotive; plus, they have no financial support, which explains why circuit discipline is not popular in this country. From a worldwide perspective, Bulgaria has no famous driver in the field of auto racing. Even though World Finance classifies that Bulgaria is a developing country, an upper-middle nation, and has a well-educated workforce, it is still considered the poorest nation in the European Union.

Auto Racing Events In Bulgaria

Rally racing is the most popular form of racing in Bulgaria. It’s so famous that every year, the people of Bulgaria hold a rally racing for the ERC (European Racing Car). In 2010, the first World Rally Championship was held in Bulgaria, and it’s still the only famous auto racing Rally so far. This event became the most prestigious and oldest Rally event in the Republic of Bulgaria. After that, many accidents occurred during the Rally events in Bulgaria, resulting in death and severe injuries. But even after all the unfortunate incidents, their application was still accepted.

One of the events that happen yearly in Bulgaria is the Pista Ruse; this event takes place in Ruse that offers various race competitions; including, drift shows, supercar shows, and bike parades that happen during the weekends – the Sin Car company manages everything.

Bulgarian people are very inclined to motorsports; even young boys and sometimes girls try this sport. They are not even afraid to compete in illegal car races organized at various places in Bulgaria; the prizes range from two to three thousand euros.

Who Invented The Auto Racing?

The people behind the first auto racing is a French Businessman and an Engineer, Emile Levassor and Rene Panhard, who had an automobile shop in Paris. They were promoting their business when they came up with the idea of racing their cars. The two men are long-time business partners that were pursued by some of the first cars in France. They both decided to do car racing from Paris to Bordeaux and back to Paris; as they succeeded in this little experiment, it became popular for a lot of people.

What Is The Popular Form Of Auto Racing?

Auto Racing has different types, and one of the popular of them is Formula One. It is an international racing series with 22 cars competing in 19 races all over the world; they have an average of 24 million fans that tune in in every race. This car’s formula must be changed every year with a technological innovation making the series the most expensive form of racing in the world.

Auto Racing is not a sport that we typically see and play on the field. But this motorsport has a different impact especially on people who are born to study and compete in this type of sport.

To people who want to learn and are willing and interested in this kind of sport, we can ask someone who has a background in auto racing. It is better to consult with the professional and ask where you can enroll to study and have experience doing this.

Do you love cars?  Are you are aware of all different types of cars?  And yes you can race nearly all of the competitively.

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