When to go to Bulgaria?

Another popular question, asked by tourists: “When is it better to go to Bulgaria on vacation?” In this small article we will try to be honest and maximally full answer it.

First of all, you need to determine with what purpose you want to see Bulgaria: a beach holiday or skiing, a sightseeing, or it is a starting country to travel to other countries. Or maybe you want to combine your holiday with treatment? After all, Bulgaria gives everyone excellent spa resorts.

And also in the country grow very tasty and useful fruits and vegetables. Therefore, foods in Bulgaria are of good quality and very nutritious.

For convenience, we divide the text in subtitles by seasons and will describe each of them.

Winter in Bulgaria

During winter months Bulgaria offers a chic ski vacation at such resorts as Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, Aleko, Panichishte, Malovitsa, Chepelare and Dobrinishte. To get to them, is most convenient from Sofia or Plovdiv.

We will tell more about each of above mentioned ski resorts of Bulgaria.

Bansko – the most new and popular resort in Bulgaria, which is located in Pirin Mountains. The total trace length up to 65 km. The resort is characterized by the most new and modern equipment. To Bansko travel both professionals and beginners, and even families with children. For every tourist is created a particular approach, there are special tracks and training schools for kids. The resort is opened from December.


Borovets – is considered the first and the most popular ski resort in the country, situated on one of the slopes of Rila Mountain. The length of its tracesmore than 50 km. Earlier on the territory of Borovets were held world championships in Alpine skiing (in 1981 and 1984) and Biathlon (1983). Here would not be boring to anyone, because the resort offers slopes for beginners, experienced and even professional skiers. Borovets is also offers a school to teach skiing and snowboarding skills and a kindergarten for the little ones. Season opens in November.


Pamporovo is perfect for beginners and for families with children. The resort is located in Rhodope Mountains and characterized by a very clean healthy air (the most ecologically clean area in the territory of the Balkans). The length of traces is about 20 km. Pamporovo is located in the south of Bulgaria, due to this it differs by mild winters. The resort has traces for experienced skiers, and for very young tourists, who see skis for the first time, there are special schools. The season in Pamporovo begins in December.


Aleko – the most high and interesting resort in Bulgaria. It is located in the heart of the national park Vitosha. Total trace length does not exceed 20 km. This resort is more suitable for experienced skiers because slopes are too steep for beginners. However, in the territory of Aleko is located a school, wherein teach everyone who want to ski. The resort starts a season from December.

Panichishte – a small resort that is located in Rila Mountains. Here prefer to come with kids or beginning skiers. Another advantage of the resort is its lowest cost in the whole territory of Bulgaria. In Panichishte you can not only ski, but also try a lot of winter sports. The resort also provides a school for skiing. Near Panichishte is located a spa resort, where is located a geyser with the hottest mineral water in Europe. The opening of the resort begins in December.

Malovitsa – a very small resort, that is located close to Borovets, in Rila mountains. It is more famous for training mountaineering instructors, and ski instructors. The total length of tracks is less than 4 km, there is a separate track for beginners. A season starts in December.

Dobrinishte – a ski resort, located in 10 minutes drive from Bansko, in Pirin mountains. Here you will not see crowds of tourists and a large queue to a lift. Despite the small total length of tracks (about 7 km), the resort is famous for its longest track – 4.7 km. To Dobrinishte come both beginners and experienced skiers. The resort is opened from December.

Chepelare – also a small and a young resort in Bulgaria. It is located near Pamporovo (only 8 km away), in the territory of Mount Mechi Chal. The main highlight of the resort is free Wi-Fi and a modern chairlift, designed for 4 people. And in Chepelare is located the only one in Bulgaria Museum of Speleology. A mountain skiing season starts in December.

As you can see, in Bulgaria in winter is really fun. In December, however, is still may be an unstable weather with temperature changes and rains. January will be remembered for a good snow cover and a relatively comfortable temperature. In February winter will delight you by heavy snowfalls and fine ski slopes.

Spring in Bulgaria

In spring Bulgaria is beautiful. This is the time, when nature wakes up, everything blooms and smells. The main part of ski resorts stop operating in April, some delight tourists until May.

In spring there is no influx of tourists, so connoisseurs of beautiful like to visit places of interest in this period of the year.

Worth to consider only that in March is usually a rainy weather, and the temperature rarely exceeds +9. We strongly recommend to take: an umbrella and warm clothing.
In Aprilis already much warmer, but still too early to bathe.
May usually pleases tourists with sunny days, but often replaced by rains, so in this month will not be superfluous to carry an umbrella.

And also in spring in Bulgaria appear ripe delicious strawberries and cherries. Lovers to eat fruits will love the excellent taste of these berries.

Summer in Bulgaria

Summer in Bulgaria is a wonderful time. During this time of the year to the country arrive lots of tourists to soak up the soothing sun, to swim in clear waters of the Black Sea and to heal themselves with mud from Lake Pomorie.

Many resorts hospitably invite vacationers from all over the world. The water at this time is warmed enough, beaches are cleaned and prepared for an influx of tourists.

June is not the best month for a beach holiday: sometimes it rains and blows a nasty cold wind from the sea. In July is already quite comfortable, water and air temperatures are almost perfect for tourists. August is one of the most favorite months of holidaymakers. A pleasant temperature of the air is retained even in evening hours, and the sun is no longer singe a skin.

Another pleasant moment of a summer holiday in Bulgaria – a variety of interesting excursions, both across the country and abroad (to Turkey, Romania, Greece, Montenegro, etc.).

And how not to remember a great number of delicious fruits and vegetables, appearing in stores at this time of the year: strawberries, pears, apples, plums, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, apricots, watermelons, melons, grapes, blueberries, figs, tomatoes, cucumbers.

We recommend to take with you: a towel, a beach sun shade, a hat for sun protection, a cream, and, of course, a good mood!

Autumn in Bulgaria

In autumn you will also find something to do in hospitable Bulgaria. Tourists continue to sunbathe and swim, go to excursions, treat themselves and enjoy a vacation.

September is characterized by a sunny weather. This is truly a gorgeous velvet season. We were fortunate to have a rest in Bulgaria exactly in early September and we really enjoyed this holiday. During this period, you will not see crowds of tourists. Beaches gradually become empty, but the temperature of the water and the air is still pretty pleasant and comfortable.

October presents its own surprises, offering travelers to see the sights of the country. The temperature is gradually falls to +12, the water becomes cool, but clean sea air has a positive effect in the the health of tourists. Many people come to Bulgaria in October in order to safely receive a medical treatment in spa resorts of the country. In this month the weather can deteriorate, not superfluous will be an umbrella and warm clothing.

November in Bulgaria is mainly calm. Frequent weather changes does not allow you to enjoy a good rest. In this month are possible both serene and cloudy days, with sleet. In November, ski resorts prepare to meet tourists.

This is such an amazing, full of mysteries and surprises, country of Bulgaria. Worth a closer look at it again, and rejecting all doubts, to plunge into its wonderful atmosphere.

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