Our reviews about the holiday in Nessebar, Bulgaria

To add some fun to website and make it more personal, we will try to leave our reviews about the vacation in Bulgaria. Of course, I (Victor) and Alina have slightly different opinions.

At first, brief facts:

  • We had a rest in Bulgaria during 14 days. At the end of August and the first days of September.
  • We went to Bulgaria by bus, it took almost 2 days.
  • We had a rest in Nessebar, but traveled a lot by public transport.
  • The tour was the cheapest.
  • A hotel was an ordinary, with breakfasts.
  • We lived very frugally, tried to spend money in a minimum.

So I want to give MY review about our journey, and then you can read review of my wife

So I want to give MY review about our journey, and then you can read review of my wife

Review about hotel Vanini – the cheapest at the time of travel

Hotel Vanini proved to be much better than we imagined, after reading reviews. I would love to come here again.

[the_ad id=”6272″] We lived in a double room – for some whim of a tour operator it cost exactly the same as a single room. It was clean, there was a fridge (tiny and not very good, an ice cream melted in it), a hot water shower, a double bed, a small balcony. Furniture was not new, but soundly, quite arranged me. There were an airconditioner and a couple of TV sets, but we have not even tried to switch them on – not for this we came to Bulgaria.

The breakfast was exactly as breakfast – small, but hearty and tasty. The hostess of the hotel and the staff were friendly and nice people.

Conclusions about the hotel: even the cheapest hotel was, in fact, quite decent. In Montenegro villa was worse, in Europe I lived in almost the same rooms or slightly better. Breakfast is minimal, not a buffet.

A review about Nessebar – one of the most interesting cities in Bulgaria

Nessebar is basically a small city, but here you can find everything you need, in addition, there is enough of places for walking. The resort is divided into two parts: the old and the new city. In Old NessebarНесебре are concentrated almost all of the attractions, and in the new part there are more inexpensive stores, beaches, bus stops and hotels. In general, the new part of the city – for life, and the old – for evening walks and photos.

Nessebar – a rather expensive city, nearby (five or ten minutes walk) is located Sunny Beach – the most expensive Bulgarian resort.

I already wrote about the sights of Nessebar, an article with a lot of

The conclusions about Nessebar: a small city, expensive but very beautiful. From here you can easily get by bus to any other seaside cities. If we come again to Bulgaria, then most likely will stay in Pomorie – is cheaper there and a little more interesting. And for variety, of course.

A review about the beaches of Nessebar

So I want to give MY review about our journey, and then you can read review of my wife


In Nessebar are many beaches and they are really for everyone. There are wild beaches on rocks, and more equipped, with rescuers and flag system. As I have said, nearby there is Sunny Beach – 15 kilometers of pretty good sandy beaches.

Sun beds and sunshades are paid, but at the most of the beaches there are zones for relaxing on towels. In Bulgaria are almost no paid beaches. Sun beds and sunshades cost in average 8 levs per day.

The bottom is also different. You can find places where the water is waist deep (ideal for children), and places with a quick set up of depth.

There are water entertainments, scooters etc., but they are quite expensive. I would like to provide a link to an article about the sea in Bulgaria and the analysis of the purity of the seawater, which I made.

The conclusions about the beaches of Nessebar: beaches in Nessebar free, it is a lot of them and they are diverse, mostly sandy. You can rent sun shades and sun beds, or you can buy a sun shade at a market (cost as 1,5 for rent) – it is more profitable.

A review about excursions from Nessebar

Within 14 days of rest, we have traveled along almost all Bulgarian coast, and favorite places visited for 3-4 times. Most of all, we liked wild beach on the spit, Lake Pomorie and low prices. Also, I recommend to go to Balchik to see the botanical garden, to visit Burgas and Varna. Well, if you are young and easy-going, try to repeat our hiking route from Nessebar to Pomorie (about 20 kilometers).

Unfortunately, we were not able to go deep into the country, where there is a lot of very interesting places. Due to financial reasons. But I wish you to visit Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Sofia, Rose Valley, Rila Monastery, and much, much more.

The conclusions about excursions from Nessebar: definitely there are places to see. I advise you not to pay for excursions, but travel by public transport, it is very comfortable and inexpensive.

Why do I recommend Bulgaria to my friends?

So I want to give MY review about our journey, and then you can read review of my wife

Bulgaria turned out to be amazingly beautiful, contemporary and unusual country with reasonable prices. It impressed me so much, that I was not too lazy to create this website – in the Internet is not many relevant and accurate information about Bulgaria. When I bought a ticket, I expected much less. And if you are afraid to see here “the ghost of the USSR”, you can safely buy a tour – the country has changed a lot in recent years, has become a truly European.

A review from my wife about the vacation in Bulgaria, the city of Nessebar

For me it was the first long bus tour to the cherished country. After hearing my husband’s stories about significant advantages of this method of recreation, I completely trusted the tour operator and gathered our small luggage.

A review about hotel Vanini – the cheapest at the time of travel

We have long doubted with a choice of a hotel. We wanted to rest pleasantly and not think all 14 days about the terrible service and breakfasts. Having read negative comments about the cheapest of the options, we even thought to change the selected place of residence. At the last moment we decided to take a chance … and have never regretted it!

Hotel Vanini became an excellent choice. Responsive staff, delicious breakfasts (though, for men they are a bit small), an excellent location, comfortable rooms. In the hotel we met people who come here for the third, and even the sixth time!

In general, our impressions were very warm. I would like to once again express my special thanks to a wonderful girl Yana, who tried to answer all our questions and to help us.

A review about Nessebar – one of the most interesting cities in Bulgaria

I really enjoyed the holiday in Nessebar. Despite the fact, that it is less noisy resort, than Sunny Beach, the city lives an active nightlife. Many shops and restaurants open until late hours, and shining with colored lights old town attracts tourists to walk through its narrow streets.

By the way, stroll around Nessebar in evening is much more comfortable and enjoyable – fountains operate, and the sea breeze pleasantly refreshes.

Quite close is located Sunny Beach (to it we went by foot), and on the other side (about the same distance away) another resort – Ravda.

In Nessebar there is no a bus station, but many seaside towns you can reach by buses, that pass through it.

A review about the beaches of Nessebar

So I want to give MY review about our journey, and then you can read review of my wife

All beaches in Nessebar are clean and comfortable, though your choice will depend on your own preferences. Personally, we love more simple vacation on towels, so we went mostly to the beach behind rocks or the South Beach.

We liked the first beach because of a small obstacle course in the form of boulders, and, as a consequence, a small number of those wishing such a rest. At the second beach were rescuers, all kinds of services, and sand dunes, on which was nice to sunbathe.

A review about excursions from Nessebar

We decided not to buy paid excursions – at first, it is expensive, and at second, we wanted to enjoy an extraordinary nature on our own, and not in time, limited by specific frames. So we were able to visit many coastal cities while traveling by bus: Burgas, Pomorie, Ravda, Balchik, etc.

Next time, we are confident that we will definitely visit the heart of the country – Sofia, and other great cities that are in the depths of Bulgaria: Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv.

Vivid memories remain of our walking route from Nessebar to Pomorie. We advise to anyone, who feels the desire and strength, to repeat our small “feat” and fully enjoy the beauty of Bulgaria.

Why do I recommend Bulgaria to my friends?

When we went to Bulgaria, I was afraid that we not only will not enjoy such a vacation, but it completely will have a negative impact on our mood and further trips in general. In reality, everything was much better: kind, caring and generous Bulgarians, the amazing beauty of the resorts and towns, the warm sea, deserted wild beaches.

We were going to go on holiday with friends, but at the last moment they changed plans. After arriving home, we told them in detail about our trip and impressions. Interest them with our independent excursions and qualitative European food for a relatively small fee.

As a result, we sincerely hope that to the ranks of fans of Bulgarian recreation will join not only our friends, but our readers, who appreciate good quality at a reasonable price.

Thank you for attention!