The review of the hotel Vanini in Nessebar

When planning our vacation in Bulgaria, we strongly doubted choosing a hotel. Since we prefer more cheap hotels, than most our countrymen, there were not many choices. After long reflection, after rereading a lot of information and opinions (often negative), we opted for the family hotel “Vanini”.

It is located almost in the center of the new part of the ancient town of Nessebar on Preslav street, 1. Nearby you can find a variety of restaurants, souvenir shops, a bus stop. Despite the peaceful “piece of paradise” in the afternoon, at evenings from a nearby bar sometimes you can hear pleasant music (during 14 days of rest, we heard it only once – here were celebrated the wedding, but till 23:00 the “noise” had stopped). Also on the street children like to play loudly, but it does not bother vacationers. But what really gives a bit of trouble – seagulls. They are very noisy and like to arrange a showdown in the morning on roofs. Initially it scared, but in just a couple of days we accustomed to and stopped paying attention to such trifles.

The location of the hotel is very advantageous relative to the beaches. All of them are within reach: to the beach behind rocks for about 15 minutes along the shady streets of Nessebar, to the beach “Sand Dunes” – for about 20 minutes, but in the opposite direction. If you want to swim in the old part of town, you’ll have to go a little longer – about 30 minutes, however as well as to the nearest beach in Sunny Beach.

Rooms in Vanini

We were very lucky with a room. We ordered it through a travel agency, and at that time, by a happy coincidence, the price of a standard room for two did not differ from the price of a double room. Of course we wanted to settle in a double room.

Almost forgotten about the room, which we ordered (preordered), we were pleasantly surprised when we entered into it. In the first room there was a large sofa, a chair, a table, a TV set, a telephone, a wardrobe, a bedside table and an air conditioning. From this room there was an entrance to the balcony, and nearby there was a bathroom unit. Into the second room we entered through a sliding door. A huge double bed occupied most of it. There was also a small TV set, a wardrobe, a dressing table, bedside tables and lamps on both sides of the bed. Very comfortable and harmonious atmosphere positively influenced us from the first minute of being in the room.

As we rested in the second half of August – early September, we did not use an air conditioning. A TV set we switched-on to make sure that it works. We learned that most of the channels – local, but there was a couple of Russian. We were very pleased with huge mirrors in the bath right on the door – inside and out.

During 14 days of stay in the hotel maids changed the bedding once, but every day there was a room cleaning (at the time of our absence), and sometimes – delivery of toiletries.

Our room we liked, unlike other tourists. For some it was stifling in the room, though they have reserved ordinary double rooms, which, according to them, differed by small area.

On the last day of rest, we found out that in this hotel is more profitable to book accommodation through a tour operator, as the daily price of our rooms was virtually equal in value to all our rest (!).

As a whole in the hotel Vanini is possible to book rooms for every taste and budget. Here offer single room – a small room for two people, double room – a room with two rooms and a suite – apartments.

Breakfast in the hotel

A lot of negative reviews, we have read, concerned the breakfast in the hotel Vanini. Of course, here you will not see buffet tables, as in Turkey or Egypt, but in fact the price differs significantly.

Breakfast is served at 8 am (this was very convenient for us) right in the hotel building on the ground floor. It usually consisted
of a few pieces of tomatoes, cucumbers, sausages (sometimes ham), a piece of cheese or a processed cheese, a small one-off box with butter and jam or honey. Also attached 2 pieces of bread and tea or coffee at the choice of holidaymakers. Is not offered, but there is often a hot chocolate (although we did not like it). Once we were given a large portion of the omelet and a few slices of tomatoes, and one time we were given a portion of pasta with sauce of sausage and cheese. Of course, for an adult male such breakfast is small, so if you like to have a solid meal, we recommend to take into account additional expenses for meals in the morning.

As on the first floor of the hotel there is a restaurant, separately you can pay for drinks, alcohol and order a meal without moving away from the vacation spots.

The hotel staff

We want to write separately about the hotel staff – they are very friendly and smiling people. They are sensitive to travelers and always ready to offer assistance upon request.

It was very nice and informative to communicate with Jana. This cute girl every morning worked as a waitress in a restaurant Vanini, and towards midday went to work to a neighboring store to sell clothing. From her we learned a lot about the town of Nessebar, about the nearest shops, beaches and life of the local population.

On the day of our arrival we got acquainted with the owner of the hotel – Dofina. She told us a lot about all comforts of the hotel and even offered a safe in case of need. She helped us on the last day of our rest – called to responsible for the transfer and found out when we will be picked up and from where.

Every day we saw cleaning woman at the hotel, and when we first said hello to her, it seemed to us that she was embarrassed by rendered attention. Most likely, the staff of this level, vacationers are accustomed to ignore.

Also, at the hotel occasionally you could see a man and a woman of middle age (one time we had to leave the hotel early, they served us breakfast), but who they were we were not interested.

How to stay in hotel Vanini?

If you liked the hotel, you can try to look for package tours there. To do this, you must specify the date of departure, number of persons and the duration of your holiday. It’s worth noting that in different months (or even days) holiday price may be quite different

From the authors

Overall Vanini hotel – is a hotel for not pampered tourists. Comfortable rooms, friendly staff and close proximity to the old part of Nessebar create a unique feeling of relaxation.

For tourists here on each span there are scales, that, you will agree, is very convenient. You can take care of yourself and your weight even while resting. Also downstairs there is a safe, but we did not dare to leave anything there (the key of it sticks in the lock, and there is not always someone there of the staff). On each floor there are ironing boards and at the request you will be given iron, which is also convenient in the conditions of vacation.

We would like to note an important issue about child nutrition: for you separately can be prepared what you will give to the staff (after all, breakfasts of sandwiches are unlikely to be useful for children).

But for adults, we also have recommendations. If you must leave the hotel before breakfast, for whatever reason (eg, early tour), you will be “strongly” offered to take snacks with you, or if not so early – to have breakfast. About your intention is necessary to warn some of personnel per day, preferably straight after breakfast. We tried both and have to admit – better agree and leave for breakfast early. In this case you will be given almost the same breakfast as always. And if you select the option to “take snacks with you”, then do not expect of more than two pieces of bread with butter and several pieces of sausage.

There may be problems with a router – it is on the ground floor at the reception, and the higher the floor of the settlement, the less it works. A password from wi-fi you will find near the unit. The most high-quality connection is in the restaurant, so if you want to send something important to the family, friends or in work, go out for breakfast with the gadget.

At the reception you can see the magazine with offered excursions from the company Go2Holiday and order your favorite in the agency. In our subjective opinion, independent excursions to cities of Bulgaria are much cheaper (in 2-3 times), but the significant disadvantage is the lack of a guide in this travel option.

And finally: we advise you not to pay attention to the negative comments about the hotel Vanini, as long as you do not see it and live here at least a couple of days. Although tourists pampered with attention and heightened service “all inclusive”, you should not choose this hotel.

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