Renting a car in Bulgaria: how not to let cheat yourself?

Despite the fact, that Bulgaria is the European country, renting a car here almost the second most important problem after prices for taxi.

Most of small companies are actively luring you with attractive prices from 10 EUR per day. On the fact, this price does not include a large number of extra costs.

It would be good if a car which you will rent, as a result, will cost you 20-30 EUR per day. And this is excluding gasoline.

What dangers lie in wait for inexperienced tourists when renting a car in Bulgaria?

As in almost every sphere of life, an inexperienced person when renting a car in Bulgaria bears a large number of additional costs. Most often problems occur with the partnership with small companies with very low prices.

Why don’t we recommend to choose a car rental company with the lowest price?

Been enticed by low price of 10 EUR per daya tourist comes into car rental company. And then he finds out that the published price does not include many additional costs: an insurance, a gage, GPS navigation, etc. As a result, the rental amount sharply begins to increase.

The amount of the franchise (a guarantee of 300 EUR, which the customer must necessarily pay) can also disappear very quickly, even in case of small scratches. There were cases when even while careful driving, dubious car rental companies had found something to cavil about and money were subtracted.

Well, sometimes there are situations when inexperienced tourists are given broken cars, and then they are required to pay for repairs.

Approximate prices for gasoline in Bulgaria

  • 95 RON gasoline costs about 2,19 levs per liter
  • Diesel fuel costs 2,19 levs per liter
  • Gas for cars can be bought for 0,98 levs per liter

The cost of parking in Bulgaria

Parking in Bulgaria – a fairly interesting phenomenon. At almost every car parking there is a counter that displays the number of available places and prices. Of course, prices are slightly vary depending on the resort. For orientation we present the cost of parking in Nessebar, quite large and popular resort in Bulgaria. Prices are rather big …

The cost of car parking:

  • for a period of 1 to 4 hours – 3 levs per hour
  • for a period of 5 to 24 hours – 12 levs per day

The cost of bus parking:

  • for a period of 1 to 4 hours – 4 levs per hour
  • for a period of 5 to 24 hours – 16 levs per day

Of course, you can find cheaper parking. Even on the outskirts of Sunny Beach (the most expensive resort in the country), we saw a parking for 2 levs per hour or 10 levs per day.

Where to buy an insurance in Bulgaria?

You can buy an insurance directly at the time of renting a car. It is worth considering that a standard insurance, which is included in the rental price, does not cover the damage of interior, wheels, underbody, front windshield and other car parts. Most of car rental companies and online booking sites offer to buy an advanced insurance, that will avoid problems in case of trouble.

It should be noted, that almost any insurance includes a franchise – it is 300 EUR, which will not be returned to you in case of any problems. To be exact, out of this amount will be subtracted a cost of repairing of a car. If this amount is enough – you will be paid a margin. But keep in mind, that some of small and cheap companies will try to increase the amount of repair on a maximum even at small damages. Nobody can abolish the excessive amounts of repair from the acquaintance car mechanic.

Some services of online booking of a car, for example, offer a service of full insurance. For a relatively small amount the company will cover for you the whole amount of franchise in case of problems.

If you suddenly get into an accident, definitely make a police report. If you damage a car – call to a car rental company. The repair in autoworkshops, that are not consistent with the company, may be costly – you will be charged an extra fee.

Or maybe to use public transport?

As a result, if you add up all the costs of auto insurance, gasoline, parking, GPS, 3-4 days of renting a car, it will cost you approximately 250 levs (strongly depends on the a class, of course ). Quite a significant amount for most tourists.

If to consider that most of attractions of Bulgaria, you can easily see during excursions or even arriving here by public transport, you may want to save and to abandon this idea?

What documents are necessary to rent a car in Bulgaria?

  • Passport, which allows you to enter the country.
  • Current driver’s license of any country.
  • Voucher, if pre-booked cars via the Internet (it comes in an email).
  • Credit Card, from which will be debited money (in some cases, instead of a credit card you can pay in cash).
  • Driver’s age of 23 years. Driving experience from 3 years (if less – you will have to pay extra).
  • 300 EUR for a pledge in your account.

Is it worth to book a car in advance via the Internet?

In our opinion – is worth it. So you not only save a lot of valuable vacation time on choosing the right car rental company and preparation of all documents for renting a car, but also significantly reduce the risk of being cheated.

As a result, from experience of our acquaintances, renting a car via the Internet is considerably cheaper than on the spot. Especially if you know the exact holidays date, and you can book a car in advance.

Where is it best to rent a car online in Bulgaria?

The second important benefit of renting a car online – low price. Even if in the end you’re taking the same car that would choose after arrival to the country, a price can still be a little lower.

This is possible with the use of search sites – specific sites that compare prices of most car rental companies and choose the most favorable options.

Due to the large volumes of booking, search sites receive an additional discount, part of which – their profits, and some – a lower price for a rent for you.

What search sites of car rental we can advise you?

We have reviewed quite a number search sites of car rental companies. Part of them we have used ourselves, and part – used our friends and acquaintances. After collecting all the reviews, we chose the best option. — reliable company with fair prices and convenient booking conditions. We like this site so that it only works with the largest international companies. That is why the quality of service will always be at a high level. With the small local companies often happen problems – you can never know in advance what to expect: good service or quite the contrary.

We liked this search site due to its fair lease terms. You can see the price of renting a car and you book a car according to a specified price. All necessary services and insurance are included in the price. This sets it apart from many of its competitors, which, at first, show low prices, and then quietly add to the cost an insurance, a navigator and other additional services.

Another important advantage of we consider the opportunity to refuse the reservation or to change a date, for free.

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