Pros and Cons of rest in Bulgaria

Rest in Bulgaria has both significant advantages and notable shortcomings and will suit rather poor tourists or students who want to rest at the same time cheap and as comfortable as possible.

Unfortunately, on the Internet there is very little up-to-date information for this country. In general, you can find only real estate websites or reprints from travel guides, which are 100 years old.

Pros of rest in Bulgaria – who will benefit from this option?

Bulgaria is one of the best countries for budgetary rest. Even five-star hotels in Sunny Beach are not so expensive, and the level of service is much higher than in popular resorts. This is due to the fact that tourism in Bulgaria has just started to develop – the attitude of the local to the visitors is very friendly and hospitable. Exactly the same were Turkey, Egypt and Thailand about 10 years ago. Over time, the direction will become popular, and local residents will no longer be so friendly.

Many tourists thinks that Bulgaria is such a corner of the USSR with countless concrete high-rise buildings, an atmosphere of devastation and backwardness. As you have already seen, nothing of this kind has any relation with reality. This is a very modern and very interesting country.

Prices in Bulgaria are low, especially for food. At the same time, the quality of most products at the level of neighboring EU countries. There is almost all world-wide brands, so you can feel yourself as at home, the taste is doesn’t different. At least, so it seemed to us.

English in Bulgaria is well understood, but it applies only to the younger generation. Older people speak well only in their native language.

Tourists in Bulgaria are much less than in other resorts – there is always a free place on the beaches. We also consider the fact that almost all beaches in the country are free. Money can only be taken for umbrellas and sun loungers, but even then about half of the beach is reserved for tourists on towels. By the way, it is much more profitable to buy your umbrella than to rent it.

The beaches of Bulgaria are mostly sandy and quite comfortable. On many of them you can find rescuers, the ambulance is on duty, there is a toilet and cabins for changing clothes.

It is also pleasant that there are many wild deserted beaches, most of which can be easily reached on foot. Especially recommend the beach on the spit near the town of Pomorie – our favorite.

It’s nice that you will live in the city, you can go for a walk or for a shopping. Most of the resorts of Bulgaria are interesting by themselves, they have some interesting sights. This is much better than a hotel somewhere in the desert, which will bothers you in a few days.

Very pleased the availability of public transport. Buses runs regularly, they are comfortable and not too expensive. We managed to travel almost all the coast and see the country much cheaper than on paid tours.

Fans of shopping will enjoy the availability of organized tours to Istanbul, to markets. You can not only have shopping, but also to see one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea.

In addition to the sea in Bulgaria there are also beautiful mountains, but they are in the depths of the country, so you have to get there. Especially advise to visit Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi or the Valley of Roses – you can easily reach them during one of the excursions.

Disadvantages of the rest in Bulgaria

But there are also disadvantages. In terms of interesting sights, Bulgaria does not compare with Spain, Italy or France. There is no such quantity of palm trees and tropical plants as in the resorts of Thailand, Sri Lanka or Montenegro. The underwater world is also quite modest – so many different fish and corals, as in Egypt, can not be seen.

But prices are completely different too. Bulgaria is more suitable for an cheap and long rest.

The climate in Bulgaria is quite familiar. On the one hand, this deprives you of new impressions, and on the other hand it saves a lot of time for acclimatization. So I do not even know if it’s a drawback. On the other hand, there is no such a warm sea, as in the popular resorts.

Taxi in the country is just very expensive, especially at popular resorts. For example, in Sunny Beach, the cost of a trip can exceed 5 BGN per kilometer. Even renting a scooter here can be worth 20 lev[/ lev] per hour.

In terms of purchases and souvenirs, the country will not be pleased with anything special. They sell mostly Turkish clothes, magnets and handicrafts, Bulgarian Rose cosmetics.

The sea in Bulgaria is also not as salty as in Montenegro, for example. And it is heavier to swim in, sometimes you can find seaweed, and the sea air does not smell so fresh.

Why should you go to Bulgaria in the summer?

Despite the fact that there are a lot of interesting sights in Bulgaria, in terms of tourism it is not so interesting. There is no such luxurious architecture as in Europe or an unusual climate and culture, as in Asia.

So it turns out that the ideal time for a holiday in Bulgaria is summer. We advise you to come here in late August – early September, when there are not so many tourists, the climate becomes softer, the sea is still clean and warm.

There is especially nothing to do in Bulgaria in winter. Of course, it is interesting to see the capital of Bulgaria – the city of Sofia, to visit Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi. But, unfortunately, in comparison with winter Europe Bulgaria loses with a crushing score.

Prices in Bulgaria – how can you save money?

Prices in Bulgaria are very low, especially taking into account the resort mark-up. The quality of the products fully meets European standards, but we did not like local sweets.

The currency of Bulgaria is lev. Its rate is tied to the euro rate and is almost 2 levs for 1 Euro. You can easily see the currencies course by clicking on the “lev” in any article.

Take food and water with you is not advisable. Here they are much cheaper. Read more in the article with advices about collecting to Bulgaria. Especially recommend to try the local fruits – it’s not expensive, and tasty, and useful.

We advise you to save money with package tours. They are quite expensive and at the same time almost all of the same can be seen and traveled by public transport. Read more in the article, considering the pros and cons of independent tourism in Bulgaria.

Also, you should not put large sums of money for souvenirs. You really will not buy anything really worthwhile in Bulgaria. Well, except if you will choose a shopping tour to Istanbul. But there too it is not so easy to zatarize, it is necessary to approach to purchases skillfully.

Также не стоит закладывать в бюджет на отдых больших денег на сувениры. Ничего действительно стоящего Вы в Болгарии не купите. Ну разве что выберете шоппинг-тур в Стамбул. But even there it is not so easy to make purchases, it is necessary to makes the purchases skillfully.

Helpful information: how much does a holiday in Bulgaria costs and how much money you need?

The sea and beaches in Bulgaria – the main differences

You will swim in Black Sea in Bulgaria. Exactly the same as in Turkey or Georgia. The bottom here is very gentle, comfortable for rest with children. There were no sharp cliffs and unexpected pits on the bottom during our vavation.

The beaches are mostly sandy. Many with developed infrastructure; some of them completely wild. For every taste.

If you will have the strength and time, we advise you to stroll along the shore and see the picturesque seascapes – photos in Bulgaria are simply excellent.

Can be interesting: detailed article about the sea in Bulgaria, a selection of the best beaches in the country.

As you can see, holidays in Bulgaria has its pros and cons. It is impossible to say with certainty will you like this country or not. But it’s worth a try. We met a lot of people who came to Bulgaria 5-10 times in a row. The main advantage of Bulgaria, is a low prices. Both for the ticket and apartments, and for food. And the reviews about the country usually very positive.

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