What kind of people live in Bulgaria? All about the Bulgarians

When you arrive to Bulgaria, the first thing that caught your eye will be the attitude of local residents. The Bulgarians are very friendly and hospitable people, who are capable of selfless assistance, not only to their fellow citizens, but also to tourists.

The attitude of the Bulgarians to tourists

In contrast to popular resorts, where the attitude to tourists can be somewhat dismissive, in Bulgaria locals are really friendly and hospitable. Exactly the same we remember Montenegro 5 years ago or Turkey, Thailand and Egypt about 10 years ago, when these directions were not so popular.

Partly, such hospitality is easy to explain – tourism in Bulgaria is still only starting to develop, beaches are not crowded, and in comfortable hotels there are always available rooms.

Few examples of attitudes to tourists on our experience:

  • You can ask about anything any Bulgarian, a person will stop, will try to understand what you want from him, and will answer. If he can not help himself, he will call another Bulgarian and they will try to help you together.
  • It is considered perfectly normal to get something as a gift from the Bulgarians. Personally, we often received as a gift fresh fruits. Even at Sunny Beach, which seemed to us the most expensive resort in the country.
  • It is very nice to talk to the Bulgarians, they would be happy to ask you how you relax, where you’ve been and what you’ve seen. They may even advise you something interesting.

How does the relation to tourists change depending on the resort?

Of course, depending on a number of tourists in a resort, an attitude to them may vary slightly. At most popular and advertised resorts, such as Sunny Beach or Golden Sands is felt a consumer attitude to tourists – prices are much higher, taxi drivers try to “negotiate” with you about 100 levs per 5-minute way, and outdoors a kilogram of fruits will be offered to you for 25 levs and even more expensive.

Also, much more often happens a deceit in exchange offices – you can exchange money not according to the exchange rate, that was written on a sign, or get old money, which are no longer in use.

Most comfortable, in our opinion, to have a rest in small towns, such as Pomorie. There you will get not only low prices, but also very friendly attitude of the locals.

Are people in Bulgaria hospitable?

People in Bulgaria are very friendly and welcoming. Especially if you do not behave with them as if they attendants, do not forget to say “hello” (“добрый ден”) and “thank you” (“много благодаря”). When we had a rest in one of the cheapest hotels in Nessebar, we felt as if we had come to relatives. Really want to come to Bulgaria again.

And in Bulgaria is very reverent attitude to children. We saw a lot of different sports clubs, children’s football clubs and a variety of clubs. Immediately obvious, that children are the future of the country and there are really care about them.

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Language in Bulgaria – will they understand you?

The Bulgarian language is not understandable for Americans and Europeans. It is based on Cyrillic. Therefore, use English, but be prepared for the fact that older people do not know it. But you can be sure, that menu in restoran or description to some sights in Bulgaria will have an English part too. Same as managers in hotels or waiters in restorans will understand you.

The only oddity – Bulgarians express their disagreement by nodding of their head, and the agreement – by a kind of rocking it from side to side.

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