The nature of Bulgaria: rivers, lakes, waterfalls, national parks. Flora and fauna of the country

The first thing, that strikes visitors of this hospitable country – is, of course, its green expanses. In Bulgaria there are national parks, nature reserves, lots of lakes and waterfalls, beautiful rocks and mysterious caves. All this wealth is located at coveted God’s earth, generously sun-drenched and washed by calm waters of the Black Sea.

It is natural, that in such conditions comfortably live a large variety of animals. Here you can easily find the great cormorant, a magnificent pelican, a refined swan and always rushing somewhere clamorous seagull – Lake Pomorie is famous for these birds. They feel comfortable in the territory of the pond, because, among other things, in the lake is forbidden to fish.

To admire the animals of Bulgaria, you will have to take a trip to a nearby nature reserve. If you are lucky, you will see a badger or a deer. But do not think, that in national parks live only harmless little animals. Here also live bears, wolves, and even wild cats, but it is better to avoid meeting them.

Rivers, lakes and waterfalls in Bulgaria

The nature of Bulgaria: rivers, lakes, waterfalls, national parks. Flora and fauna of the country

On the territory of the country in addition to the Black Sea, there are other water bodies: lots of rivers, lakes and waterfalls. To the largest rivers belong the Danube and the Maritsa. The Danube is the second longest river after the Volga in the European continent. In it you can fish out a pike perch, a carp and a sevruga.

During our walking to the spit of Pomorie, we stumbled upon a small river Aheloy. This river is a popular holiday destination not only among local fishermen, but also among tourists.

In the village of the same name, its shores are densely covered with greenery: a variety of shrubs, trees and reeds. Closer to a beach the river becomes shallower, vegetation becomes smaller, and cold waters, bending around small stones, aspire to get into the warm Black Sea.

The water in the river is cool in comparison with the seawater (we have crossed Aheloy in the place where it flows into the sea), but clean and clear. It is interesting, that children love to play in this place. Most likely, they are attracted by a plurality of stones on the bottom and unhurried murmur of the river water.

One of the most famous rivers in Bulgaria is Ropotamo or Bulgarian Amazon, as it is called. To it from different resort towns are organized excursions, which promise to show turtles. In addition, there is the eponymous nature reserve.

Since fishing is prohibited in the river, there is a lot of fish. Local birds – pelicans and herons – successfully use it.

Less popular in terms of excursions, but also worth seeing, Kamchia River. Along it arrange shipboard trips for the tourists for a modest fee. River banks are covered with dense vegetation, but there are also a lot of snags. The water in Kamchia is muddy, but there is a lot of fish, live turtles, included into the Red Book. Kamchia flows into the Black Sea.

Despite the fact, that the country has enough of lakes and most of them are located in the mountains, we were able to see two (they are located in coastal cities). In our opinion, one of the main – Pomorie Lake and Burgas Lake.

Pomorie Lake is known far beyond the borders of Bulgaria. Here every year arrives a lot of vacationers, not only to have a good rest, but also to improve their health.

Burgas Lake – the greatest in size of all existing in the country. The lake is a home for a variety of fish, invertebrates, birds (some of which are listed as endangered). Lake Burgas – is protected area of international importance.

In Bulgaria there are about 300 waterfalls. All of them are different in length, height and number of stages. Many of them are located in mountains and are temporary, and some are located in national natural parks (“Vitosha”, “Central Balkan”, “Rila”) or botanical gardens (in Balchik). Everyone, who has ever seen such beauty in Bulgaria will certainly come back here again and again.

The national parks of Bulgaria

The nature of Bulgaria: rivers, lakes, waterfalls, national parks. Flora and fauna of the country

The country has a lot of open to visit national parks. This is facilitated by untouched nature and animals, listed in the Red Book. The first national park began its work in far 1934, but now their number has already exceeded the first ten.

To the most interesting worth carrying: “Rila”, “Pirin”, “Vitosha” park “Strandzha” and Rusenski National Park. What are they famous for?

In park “Rila” you can admire the well-known throughout Bulgaria seven Rila Lakes and perhaps even meet its inhabitants – a red deer, a wild boar or a proud eagle.

Park “Pirin” is inhabited by many animals and it is rich in vegetation. There are edelweiss and Pirin poppies, Macedonian pines, silver firs. There is even a forest of Bosnian pines. At the territory of the park are located lakes, waterfalls and caves.

There is another famous park – “Vitosha”. There inhabit both huge wild predators (bears, wild cats, wolves) and completely harmless (but only at first glance) animals: deers and badgers.

Also, the park is inhabited by elegant and sophisticated butterflies with all kinds of colors and patterns on wings. But that’s not all. Exactly in park “Vitosha” is located the longest cave of Bulgaria – Duhlata. If desired, you can visit it too.

Parks “Strandja” and “Rusenski” are inhabited by snakes, lizards and turtles. Here you can see rare species of birds, found bats, or even predators (a wolf or a jackal).

Flora of Bulgaria – what unusual plants you can see in this country

Thanks to the huge amount of water resources in the country successfully grow many plants. Here you can see several species of palms. However, many of them grow in huge tubs. We assumed, that all this is done in order to make it easier to remove them for a winter period into a warm place (room).

Also, in Bulgaria are popular lilac bushes, but they differ from our usual sorts.

Very nice and organically looks an ivy, which winds its way around various trees and gives additional highlight to each of them.

Almost 30% of Bulgarian territory is occupied by forests. These “green lungs” of the country are known for rich flora. Bulgarians are sensitive to their treasures and strive to maintain untouched the plant world.

In any seaside town you can easily see trees with figs , persimmons, peaches, pomegranates, plums, apples and pears, different varieties of grapes, rarely you can see kiwi bushes.

Probably, one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria – Rose Valley. Imagine that these proud flowers grow here for over 300 years! They are carefully looked after, and in return, give their unsurpassed rose fragrance and oil, which is made directly of petals.

Another no less important and beautiful place – a botanical garden in Balchik. It is famous for a huge cacti collection (the second in the world), and every plant here is unique. Despite the fact, that to get to it is not very convenient, the garden is visited by a large number of tourists from different countries of the world.

The city of Varna also boasts its botanical garden “Ecopark”. There is collected a large number of unique plants from around the world, as well as collections of irises and roses. In addition, in the park is located a jockey club, which offers riding lessons in an arena with an experienced instructor or a free ride for those, who no longer a newcomer in equestrian sport.

In all coastal cities, which we managed to visit, numerous parks and trees met us with coolness. Bulgaria is a very green, hospitable country. Here is comfortable to live, to rest and to travel.

Fauna – what animals you can find in Bulgaria

The country has a rich fauna, although it was slightly harmed during the second half of the XX century, in connection with the rapid decline of forests. Now the Bulgarians are doing everything possible to preserve and enhance the natural wealth of the country.

In national parks and reserves, area of which is about 5% of the entire territory of Bulgaria, apart from hares and squirrels, there are wolves, wild boars, bears, foxes, jackals, badgers, ferrets and weasels.

Lakes and rivers have rich underwater world, and in the coastal zone of the Black Sea are found mackerel, mullet, flatfish and bonito.

In the coastal city of Varna you can visit the Dolphinarium, where everyone will be entertained by very cute and playful dolphins.

Bulgaria’s territory was inhabited by many kinds of butterflies (more than 1100).

Air expanses of the country are filled with very beautiful birds – bearded eagles (they can be seen in national parks), graceful swans, pelicans, gulls, cormorants and many other species of birds.

In Bulgaria are found formidable snakes, nimble lizards, and slow turtles. A lot (about 75 species) of cave dwellers.

All this beauty is hard to convey in words. Therefore, we recommend not to postpone the trip into a long box, but rather to come to this country in order to see firsthand and enjoy your holiday in Bulgaria.

The nature of Bulgaria on photos

Of course, all animals that we have been able to see, we have tried to capture on a photo. The result of it you can see for yourself right on the pages of our blog:

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