Interesting facts about Bulgaria – what tourists need to know

With every new country and excursion tourists gaining experience and confidence in their abilities. Personally, we like not just to go to the sea for a beach holiday, but also to learn something completely new, something that has not yet been seen.

For example, in Bulgaria, we got an amazing pictures of the Pomorie Lake with its rich animal world, the magnificent Botanical Garden of Balchik, ruins in the ancient city of Nessebar and much more.

This article is devoted to interesting and unusual observations of Bulgarian life. From it you will learn: what you should take with you, where to go and what to try, so rest becomes as rich as possible, but not tiring.

What tourists need to know who are going to Bulgaria for the first time?

For not boring you with repetition of information, we collected all the advices and recommendations in small groups, which briefly indicate the most important facts. Over time, thanks to you ( looking for your help) the materials will be updated. And now let’s find out what awaits the tourists who arrived to rest in Bulgaria in 2017?

Useful information

The list of this information got everything that is difficult to attribute to any one particular category of advice. We will try to describe each item of the list as clearly as possible.

Internet articles

Paradoxically, but on the Internet it is not always possible to find truthful information on questions interesting you about Bulgaria. Often there is an impression that the people who write it were not there and do not have the slightest idea about this country. More often, information is old and no longer relevant. The same goes for the reviews (they are sometimes written to order). That’s why you should look for fresh texts and reviews from real tourists.

Quality of Bulgarian service

Every year there are more and more quality hotels and hotel complexes with a large set of services in Bulgaria not much different from popular countries like Turkey and Egypt.

For fans of a more modest rest (such as my husband and I) there is a huge selection of inexpensive, but quite decent hotels or even rooms.

Food in Bulgaria (included in hotel, independently of the stores or in a restaurants), the number of shift of clothes and the availability of various tourist facilities is directly dependent on the hotel you chose.

See prices and quality of housing in Bulgaria you can directly on our website. For this it is enough to indicate: the city, the number of tourists, the date of arrival and departure from the hotel.


Bulgaria – not bad variant for comfortable weekend

Not so long ago Bulgaria seemed to tourists as another “typically Soviet” country, and the rest in it was not considered comfortable. Now, having arrived in this Balkan region, you need to work hard to find something remotely reminiscent of old times.

Prices in the country are much lower than usual, and the quality of products is almost at the same level (especially for products manufactured in Bulgaria itself).

If you are interested in the actual cost of food in the country, read our separate article: Meals in Bulgaria.

People will understand you in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian language is similar to Russian, but, nevertheless, the locals know English well. They will not only listen attentively, but will do everything in their power to help you.

In general, the Bulgarians are a very friendly and open people. They are always ready to come to the rescue, prompt or give free gifts.

The only problem is that in English you will be able to communicate mainly with the younger generation or with the staff of hotels and restaurants.

Another important point that makes the Bulgarians special: their a nod of the head (our yes) means no.


Details about languages in Bulgaria you can find in a separate article: What language is in Bulgaria?

What can you need on vacation in Bulgaria?

[the_ad id=”6272″] Bulgaria is a seaside country, and as for any beach vacation, you may need: bathing accessories, headdress and parasol, towel, sun cream. In the evenings along the embankment it is cool, so we advise you to take a jacket with a long sleeve.

Food is not worth taking, even the water here is cheaper. An exception can be a certain baby food and it’s just because you can not find a familiar brand.

If you plan to visit local churches, it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing. ost likely to you, as tourists will not say anything, but it will be inconvenient. Reminder: usually, with churches there are spare things for those who forgot to dress properly (scarves and skirts).

Read our detailed article: What should you take to Bulgaria?

How much money should you take to Bulgaria?

If you like to rest frugally, but richly in terms of travelling, then you will be able to live somewhere at $ 150 per week. Not used to limiting yourself to anything?Then get ready to pay from $ 400 for 7 days of luxury vacation.

Read more in a separate article: How much does it cost to rest in Bulgaria?

What is allowed to export from Bulgaria?

Carefully study the rules of the flight with all restrictions on the weight of luggage, as well as about what things can be transported in the cabin of the aircraft, for not to get into trouble in the form of broken umbrellas and confiscated goods (in Montenegro, we saw it personally).

You can officially take out from Bulgaria not more than 5000 BGN. f you want to take out the amount from 5000 BGN to 20000 BGN it is necessary to fill in the customs declaration. Alcoholic beverages are allowed to take out: beer with a total volume of up to 16 liters, not sparkling wine – up to 4 liters, strong wine – up to 2 liters. From tobacco products: up to 250 g of tobacco, 50 cigars or 200 cigarettes. Of the jewelry you will be allowed to take: silver (not processed) and jewelry from it weighing up to 300 g, ornaments of gold or platinum weighing up to 60 g, gold and platinum not processed – up to 37 g.

Find out the prices around, more interested in

Prices for food, things and restaurants can vary in different parts of your resort. To get the most economical rest, we advise you not only to be interested in your hotel and the nearest shops, but also “look a little further” for the familiar circle. Usually tourist streets are closer to the seaside part of the city.

For a lounger you will be given a special coupon

If you rented a sunbed and / or an umbrella in the resort of Bulgaria, then firstly you will be given a coupon that confirms this, and secondly, they will be registered with you throughout the day. If you want to leave lunch – you can leave a towel, nobody will touch it.

How about the leader of the group?

Personally, we were not lucky, if I may say so. The representative of the tourist company came late and could not tell us anything specific and not offer us anything. We looked at variants of excursions (they were all the time in a magazine in the hall) and heard about expensive unprofitable exchangers. We hope that you will be luckier.

Your resort is a very interesting place

This information applies to those tourists who come to lie on the beach. In Bulgaria, a lot of amazing and beautiful places, the first place – your resort. After all, for something you have chosen it?

Look around and be sure to find something special: in Nessebar there are old narrow streets with ancient ruins, in Pomorie there is a monastery of St. George and a unique salt museum, in Burgas there is a seaside park etc.

We came across tourists who did not even see the sea for their entire vacation, they just had a pool near the hotel …

Rent a car in Bulgaria – not the worst option

The roads in Bulgaria is quite good, and serpentines are found mainly in the interior of the country. If you want to travel around the country and see more different attractions, we advise instead of ordering expensive excursions, renting a car. So it will not only cheaper, but also more profitable for you.

Shopping in Bulgaria

As we have a separate rather interesting and detailed article about souvenirs and purchases in Bulgaria, here we will briefly tell the most important things that you need to know.

A popular tour – shopping in Burgas or Varna

[the_ad id=”6262″] Burgas and Varna are the two largest port cities in Bulgaria. Here you can find a huge number of all kinds of shops, shopping centers and even malls. Often in both cities listed there are special “shopping tours”. We personally were in Burgas and Varna and we can admit honestly, it is impossible to shopping there economically. The only advantage of such entertainment is a wide variety of goods. Separately note that exhibited products are often fakes.

Read more about shopping in Burgas in our separate article: Bourgas: shopping, attractions and photos.

Carefully approach the issue of purchases

Do you want to bring something from Bulgaria? Then carefully study the selected product. There are ware markets in every resort town, but the quality of the goods can be very different. They mostly sell things from Turkey: T-shirts, shirts, dresses and sarafans. There are warm clothes on the counter too, even for winter.

On vacation I wanted to buy for my husband few shirts, but  it turned into a problem. In two different places we really liked the goods, but, unfortunately, the suitable size was in a single variant. They sat perfectly, but when examined in detail, they appeared to be stained with spots. In the first case, we even offered a very decent discount, but we naturally refused to buy a deliberately defective product.

Bulgaria – a country of inexpensive jewelry


We advise you to pay attention to jewelry. Particularly elegant and refined look Bulgarian products made of silver. You can buy your favorite goods anywhere in the country without fear of forgery. Приобрести понравившийся товар можно в любой точке страны не боясь подделки. The price, depending on the location of the store, can vary quite significantly.

Meals in Bulgaria

Depending on what you are interested in, you can get acquainted with the questions about nutrition in Bulgaria with the help of our articles:

The market is a paradise for tourists

Unfortunately, in Nessebar we could not find a fruit market, similar to the bazaar in Pomorie. But each time visiting the beloved town, always went for juicy and ripe fruits of Pomorie. The variety of fruits, the opportunity to try them and choose independently, conquered us. Plus, in the market fruits and vegetables can be bought cheaper than in the store.

Supermarket “Mladost” – the cheapest shop in Nessebar

Almost all the products we bought in the supermarket “Mladost”, where, as it turned out, the locals are also makes purchases. The store is quite spacious, with a large selection of goods. Often in the supermarket going pleasant events. Therefore, we advise him for you, dear readers.

Beach food in Bulgaria

Often at the Bulgarian resorts, the closer to the beach, the more expensive the food sold at this place. After all, there are always tourists who want to chew something, sunbathing under the sun.

Do not take food from home

The cost of products in Bulgaria is affordable and much cheaper than similar prices in Europe. The quality is at the same level. That’s why there is no sense to take a full of products bag with you. Even the water in the Bulgarian resorts solds cheaper.

Lunch on tour

When choosing an excursion carefully read its program: very rarely the cost of travel includes lunch or dinner. Therefore, take care of yourself on your own – take money or ready-made sandwiches with you.

Various excursions around Bulgaria and beyond

In Bulgaria itself you can visit many interesting and exciting places. In addition, tourists can visit the neighboring countries, such as: Turkey, Greece, Romania. We advise you to travel by seaside cities by buses or rented / your car. And in the inaccessible central parts of the country or in neighboring states – with organized excursions.


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