Going to Bulgaria: what, where, when and how much?

Information for those who dream to spend their vacation abroad, but do not have enough money for such a popular vacation, like Spain or Italy. Personal advices, observations and feedback on a wonderful time spent in this cozy Balkan country.

Why do tourists choose Bulgaria for rest?

Many tourists in choosing a place for future rest are primarily focused on the countries of the European Union, where is a visa-free regime, good understanding of English and European quality of products and services, then to their monetary opportunities and personal preferences. Based on all of the above, Bulgaria is ideally suited to these criterias.

You do not need a visa to come to the country. Also you can visit the neighboring countries of Bulgaria at any time without execution of any documents.

What is so good about Bulgaria and why more and more tourists choose it? The following facts serve as an answer to these questions:

  • All the resorts of Bulgaria have a quite a good service, often it exceeds the quality of popular, but annoyed resorts.
  • The Black Sea, though not as warm as the Adriatic, but clean and quiet, which makes rest in the country very comfortable for tourists.
  • Prices and quality of food will greatly please you. Here you can taste delicious and varied food, some national dishes, and prices even in the resort cities will be lower than the average for Europe.
  • Even if you do not like the proposed tours or prices for them, you can always visit a lot of interesting places in the country by yourself.

The only notable disadvantage for tourists may become not yet gaining popularity in hotels the all inclusive service. Although, on the other hand, the presence of a huge variety of restaurants in any resort in Bulgaria, will allow you to diversify your diet and helps to make the rest more interesting.

Which is the best resort in Bulgaria? Choose a place to relax together

Among the variety of Bulgarian resorts we could choose: Aheloy, Balchik, Burgas, Varna, Golden Sands, Nessebar, Pomorie, Ravda, Sozopol, Sunny Beach or another list of little-known cities and towns for us.

Carefully approaching the issue of vacation, we studied a lot of information, as a result of which we found out all the questions that interested us and chose a worthy option. Later, we had the opportunity to repeatedly verify the correctness of our choice.

Let’s find out together how things are with the Bulgarian resorts and how they differ from each other:


  • Aheloy and Ravda are young but actively developing resorts. Here you will not find any interesting sights, nor an active night life. But you can enjoy pure sea air and beautiful nature. Personally, we wanted to see something interesting besides the beach holiday, so this option immediately disappeared.
  • Balchik we looked out of curiosity. I wanted to walk along the embankment to admire the magnificent botanical garden and the summer residence of the queen. We could not find nothing else interesting in the city. We doubted for a long time, eventually decided to spend one day and go on the excursion by ourself.
  • Burgas and Varna are large port cities, with well-established transport connections. Prices are slightly lower than in other resorts. These cities often go on shopping (as excursions), because they are quite large shopping centers. We did not want to rest in a big city, where there are many people even without tourists.
  • Golden Sands and Sunny Beach are probably the most popular and well-known resorts in Bulgaria, and therefore the most expensive, as you might guess. In these places life always boils: day and night. Since we are far from night-time get-togethers, and prefer a more informative and interesting rest, we immediately rejected such options. Plus, on the Golden Sands at the peak of the season it is stuffy, and the beaches are full of tourists (saw it personally).
  • Nessebar, Pomorie and Sozopol are three practically equally interesting places for us. Sozopol be read the information seemed boring, so immediately fell away. Pomorie did not provoke interest, but Nessebar exceeded all expectations. We liked the descriptions of a romantic town with old narrow streets so much that we wanted to spend time looking for adventures without losing time.

And although our choice fell on Nessebar, where there are a lot of sights, good beaches, reasonable prices, we also recommend to take a closer look at Pomorie. During the holiday we really liked this seaside town with its measured life. Prices in Pomorie are slightly lower, and the quality of services is not inferior to other resorts. And on the territory of the city there are balneological resorts, where tourists like to come to get some treatment.

You will definitely need: а detailed description of the various resorts in Bulgaria.

Is it possible to visit excursions from Nessebar?

Despite the fact that there is no bus station in Nessebar itself, you can go to many excursions from the city. The list of all possible trips is usually in the magazine at the reception of your hotel, and even if not, passing through the city or the embankment, you will surely come across the small firms with options for a good rest.

What’s about independent travel from Nessebar?

Nessebar has an excellent bus connection with many seaside towns in Bulgaria. We personally traveled from the city to: Burgas, Pomorie, Varna by bus, and Aheloy, Ravda and Sunny Beach were visited on foot.

You may need: Detailed bus schedule from Nessebar.

Going to Bulgaria: what should you take?

Since Bulgaria is a sunny coastal region, the set of things necessary for you to visit is standard, as for an ordinary beach country. In the evenings, however, near the embankment is quite cool, so it will not be superfluous to grab a sweatshirt with a long sleeve.

Small recommendations for tourists:

  • If you like to drink coffee or tea often, take a reheater with you. In the hotel, generally, you will not get it. Although, prices in the country are comfortable and you can drink your favorite drink at least every day in different places.
  • Do not pick bottles with drinking water. We travel with a tourist who assured that the price of water in the country really huge. That’s why she was carrying a few 3-liter bottles with mineral water.
  • In practice, it turned out that the water at the resorts is cheaper than in our stores (1.5 L bottle – 0,39 lev).
  • If the beach umbrella is uncomfortable to carry, you can purchase it directly at the resort. It costs around 12 lv.
  • The Bulgarian national currency is lev. To protect yourself from dishonest exchanges and hidden rates in local exchangers, we recommend to enter the territory of the country with the euro or dollars and change them already. So it will be more profitable for you.
  • How much money do you need to take with you? It depends on your appetite at all, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word. If you have plans to travel a little around the country, but at the same time live modestly, it will be enough $ 150 for a week for one. If you want to see a lot and are not used to denying yourself with various delicacies, visiting restaurants, then invest somewhere in $ 400 for 7 days.
  • You can visit many excursions, for example, visit Romania.

We recommend you to read our articles: food prices in Bulgariaаll about the national currency of the country , how much money do you need to take with you to rest in Bulgaria?

Where and how it’s better to eat in the Bulgarian resorts?

In our articles, we often talk about how much there in Bulgaria all kinds of restaurants, cafes and fast food. You can eat can at the hotel, where usually placed mechans (restaurants with national food). Prices in restorans depend on its location and type, as well as on the range of dishes offered. We did not dare to spend money in an expensive restaurant, but many times stopped in different parts of the city and interested in the cost of the food. According to our observations, it turned out:

  • To eat lunch at a restaurant, you have to pay out 20 lv.
  • If you like fast food, you can try their pizza (from 1,20 lv to 2,50 lv for one piece). We did not like Duner (local shaurma), so do not advise it for you.
  • It is more profitable to eat a variety of foods, buying them in the supermarket or on the market. We especially recommend the Bulgarian sour-milk products.
  • If your resort has fruit markets (for example in Pomorie) it is highly recommended to visit them. Fruits in Bulgaria is not only juicy and tasty, but also very useful.

If you are interested in detailed information about the prices for products in Bulgaria, we recommend you to read our separate article: Food in Bulgaria – prices.

Excursions for tourists in Bulgaria

Personally, we did not buy any excursions, some of them (in neighboring cities) seemed to us unnecessarily expensive. Plus, I wanted to travel by myself to the seaside towns of Bulgaria and not depend on the time allocated within the excursion. It was trivial lack of finance for travelling inland. If we will go again to sunny Bulgaria, we will definitely go to Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo.

For many tourists it’s more profitable to rent a car and view interesting sights by themselves. Thus, tourists not only can choose what to see, but where to stop, make a beautiful photo or have a snack. We advise our readers to pay attention to the Rentalcars.com service – reliable, convenient, tested. You can make sure of this too:

Look for a car on Rentalcars.com

It can be useful: detailed article with the prices and the schedule of excursions in Bulgaria.

Excursions around the country and abroad are very rich and varied. We recommend to look closely at organized trips deep into Bulgaria, because it is problematic to get there by public transport without any trans-shipment. It is most convenient to travel by comfortable buses to seaside cities and towns, which regularly run between them.

Please note: in the header of our blog there is a button “Services“. When you hover it with your mouse, a directory appears in which you can choose and see the bus schedule in different cities of Bulgaria.

Souvenirs from Bulgaria or what to bring for the memory?

Specifically, something to advise as a souvenir from Bulgaria is difficult: a lot of magnets, cups and other rubbish, things are sold mostly from Turkey (not always with a good quality) or, for example, from Greece (fur coats).

Better things  with jewelry: silver in Bulgaria is inexpensive. We recommend you to buy high-quality and affordable Bulgarian cosmetics. And still, personally I liked the local spices – very fragrant and pleasant, adds flavor to any dish.

In general, in Bulgaria you can find good souvenirs for memories, if you know what and where to look. That is why we recommend you read our separate article: souvenirs and purchases in Bulgaria.

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