A climate and a weather in Bulgaria

The climate of Bulgaria will be habitual for all residents of post-Soviet countries: here is moderately hot summer and snowy, but rarely cold winter. In connection with this, the country has two tourist seasons: summer and winter. The main part of tourists prefer to come to Bulgaria during warm season to relax under the gentle sunshine and to swim in the clear sea water. But there are other vacationers, who like to spend winter days at the slopes of wonderful ski resorts of the country.

The climate and the weather in Bulgaria as a whole during a summer tourist season

Tourist season in summer opens approximately in the second half of May and lasts until September inclusive. Many tourists during this period prefer sunbathing ashore or swimming in the sea. If you like a hot weather, we recommend to visit Golden Sands (though prices threre are oriented to tourists). At all other resorts of the country is more or less comfortable and not so stuffy.

In Bulgaria there are a lot of beaches, all of which are public and clean. Most of the beaches are well equipped and often cleaned. Some beaches are more crowded, but there are also quite wild, where are almost no people.

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Depending on a month, the temperature of the sea water varies between +20 °C – +27 °C. At not crowded resorts of Bulgaria the water is clean and clear all day long.

The temperature of the surrounding air in coastal cities of the country does not usually exceed +27 °C (and frequently – below). A favorable weather is formed due to refreshing sea breeze.

The most popular months for beach holiday in Bulgaria are July and August. This is especially noticeable at popular resorts of the country, where beaches can be crowded, and prices for food and accommodation are significantly rise. Therefore, we recommend to go on holiday at the end of August, as we did. At this time temperatures of air and water are ideal and there is no large influx of tourists.

In terms of excursions in Bulgaria, there is something to see, but unfortunately their cost is unduly high. We recommend not spend money to visit coastal cities and their attractions, but to use public transport (which, by the way, is very good and comfortable), or rent a car. This variant is much cheaper (2-3 times). In our view, it makes sense to pay for organized excursions only into the hinterland or to other countries.

The nature in Bulgaria is very beautiful. Not to be unfounded, we add more photos, taken during our holiday. All images are signed and describe the place where they were taken, with a small amount of useful information.


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The climate and the weather in Bulgaria as a whole during a winter tourist season

During a winter tourist season in Bulgaria ski resorts are actively developing. The main part of them starts operating in December, when the weather is more or less invariable, and operate until the middle of April (some of them – until May).

Ski resort Borovets, for example, starts to operate in November, but we would recommend you to visit it in January – February, when is enough of snow and the temperature is quite comfortable. November and December can present unpleasant surprises to tourists in the form of rain and temperature fluctuations.

The most requested ski resorts of Bulgaria are considered: Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo. Apart from the listed, there are several smaller, but no less beautiful, resorts. If you want to have a good rest, and not overpay, in this case, for popularity of the place, we recommend to visit Bulgaria.

Advantages of Bulgarian ski resorts

The main part of Bulgarian ski resorts is relatively young, and only one (Borovets) remembers the times of Soviet Union. Resorts are equipped with all necessary equipment and appliances, at some of them there is even free Wi-Fi.

The obvious advantages of Bulgarian ski resorts are:

  • Availability of worthy hotels, good service and comfortable conditions of a rest.
  • Fast modern ski lifts with high throughput.
  • Different tracks, both for beginners and for experienced skiers.
  • Some resorts offer tracks for snowboarders.
  • In Bulgaria there are very diverse tracks: very short and very long.
  • Ski resorts offer excellent preparatory schools for children and adults.
  • Almost ideal weather and mild climate.
  • Resorts, mainly are located in national parks of the country, which are incredibly beautiful and interesting.
  • To all ski resorts, you can easily reach from Sofia or Plovdiv.

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Bulgaria in spring and fall

Spring and fall months in Bulgaria are usually very changeable. Sometimes, tourists can visit many interesting sights of Bulgaria during this time, but it also happens that the weather does not allow to leave your apartment for long. As an exception is possible to allocate: September, when many tourists come to enjoy the “velvet season”, and May, when there is a comfortable air temperature and the weather, in whole.

Free weather forecast in Bulgaria

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