Whether to go on holiday to Bulgaria?

Every summer a large number of tourists ask themselves a question: where to go on vacation? And further, when they have almost decided on the long-awaited break in work, there is another, no less important question: is it worth to go to that country?

For those, who have chosen as a tourist destination exactly Bulgaria, we will tell in detail about all the pros and cons of the country.

Whether to go to Bulgaria and why?

“So is it worth to go to Bulgaria?” – you may ask. Our answer: “Definitely, yes. For several reasons.” Bulgaria is exclusively friendly country. Here are very hospitable people, who always ready to help. The friendly Bulgarians not once helped us and joyfully advised interesting places, a road to a bus station or the cheaper market.

The comfort of vacation in Bulgaria

The Bulgarians are, mainly, unostentatious. Especially it concerns a beach holiday. There is no “going over heads” with the proposed assortment – from dried fish to beads. The only thing, that we were able to see, how at one of the beaches far from the city of Pomorie, sold boiled corn.

A coastal strip is clean, from time to time on it you can see seaweed. Beaches are well cleaned, most of them are equipped with all sorts of conveniences.

However, at popular resorts such as Sunny Beach or Nessebar, you may encounter with more active personnel, who will strongly entice you into restaurants or markets.

The country has a very pleasant climate. A summer is without a sweltering heat, but warm enough to swim in waters of the Black Sea and to sunbathe under the warm Bulgarian sun. This is another significant plus when choosing of the country for a decent holiday.

Another positive aspect is the large number of national parks with unique nature and animals. In Bulgaria there are mountains and waterfalls, but they are much smaller than in Montenegro.

Travelling across Bulgaria

Across coastal cities of the country is better to travel by public transport, i.e. by bus or by a rented car. It is cheaper and easier. But deep into Bulgaria, we recommend to travel within excursion programs (for the same reasons).

During 14 days in the country, we were able to visit 9 towns along the coast, mainly by bus (we traveled to some by foot due to short distances between them). Unfortunately, we did not have finances to see no less beautiful, but remote from the sea places. We recommend to visit Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo.

Food at Bulgarian resorts

A significant drawback for many tourists can be not so advanced in the country system of all inclusive. Though, prices in Bulgaria for food are quite affordable and the quality is pretty high.

Also alternative would be restaurants. The cost of lunch will vary between 30 levs50 levs for two person. Accommodation in Bulgaria is inexpensive, so if you are accustomed to rest in Turkey or Egypt, with the service “all inclusive”, then you may well be able to afford even every day change a cuisine and do not go broke.

Documents and currency for holidays in Bulgaria

Small problems can arise duying currency exchange, since in the country an official currency is lev. We recommend to arrive to Bulgaria with euro or dollars and change them at banks.

Another unpleasant fact is the need to have a visa to enter the country. But all is not as scary as it seems at first glance. Many tourists after visiting Bulgaria are so fall in love with the country, that buy here apartments and stay for permanent residence.

Vacation with children

But the most suitable vacation Bulgaria, probably, offers for families with children. Here is everything for the comfort of kids: a comfortable descent into the sea and a rather long shallow strip of water, clean sandy beaches and even playgrounds nearby.

Your children will enjoy a large number of water parks and the presence of special child excursions, as well as riding by a small train or, for those who are older, the Segway PT (a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle).

Accommodation in Bulgaria

We hasten to please tourists, who for one or another reason do not book accommodation in advance: in any Bulgarian town, you can easily choose a room or apartments for every taste and price.

If you prefer, like us, more simple option, get ready to the absence of a swimming pool, a private kitchen, a spa circuit.

Also, do not expect the qualitative Internet – in our hotel it was quite often lost. In general, we were satisfied with our housing, and have never regretted about our choise.

In addition, in Bulgaria, you can receive medical treatment. Mud of Lake Pomorie have long ago become known around the world for healing properties. Many tourists specially come to Pomorie and combine business with pleasure. And eventually completely move to Bulgaria to live.

More about Hotel Vanini you can read in our separate article: A review about hotel Vanini in Nessebar.

What can you see in Bulgaria?

By the number of attractions, Bulgaria is certainly poorer, than, for example, Montenegro, but there is also something to see. A grand botanical garden in Balchik, a huge seaside park with sand sculptures in Burgas, Rose Valley near Kazanluk, healing Lake Pomorie, Old Nessebar, many temples and monasteries, the heart of the country – Sofia, the city of artists – Plovdiv, the ancient capital – Veliko Tarnovo and more. In Bulgaria there are beautiful national parks with a rare nature and waterfalls.

You will experience a great pleasure just walking through the evening city, where each point of interest is highlighted, and the sound of the waves calms and lulls. An additional advantage of such walks – coolness.

Souvenirs from Bulgaria

In Bulgaria is a lot of souvenirs, but it is very difficult to recommend anything specific.

From popular we recommend: cheap jewelry, high-quality Bulgarian Rose cosmetics and textiles.

Things made directly in Bulgaria can be seen only in large supermarkets of the country and for a rather high price.

From products we recommend dairy: ayran, tarator, clotted cream, processed cheese, hard cheese and bryndza.

As a souvenir will be good a bottle of wine or cognac, that is produced in Bulgaria.

From the authors

As you can see, you can relax in Bulgaria quite inexpensively, and most importantly useful. Here you will not find congested or dirty beaches, obsessive people, sweltering heat. But always can count on Bulgarian hospitality, fresh air and quality products.

That is why we recommend Bulgaria to all our relatives, friends and acquaintances. We wish you personally assess the wonderful and unforgettable vacation in sunny Bulgaria.

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