Best Road Trips To Take in Bulgaria

inside of a car, two men, road, trees, sky, clouds, mountains

More and more individuals are taking out their maps and going east to see Bulgaria in recent years! Bulgaria is a vast city with a great history and enough attractions and museums to share. It’s the ideal road trip destination. Bulgaria is easily navigatable by car from beginning to end. Spending a … Read more

What Are the Top Golf Courses in Bulgaria?

Thracian Cliffs Golf Course

Bulgaria deserves the spot when it comes to the best golf course in the world. This magnificent country in Southeastern Europe is blessed with a perfect climate suitable for an exciting summer golf sport. Bulgaria offers a perfect golfing experience, rich heritage, and tradition to its visitors as a cultural melting pot. … Read more

Best Beaches to Visit in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is the place to go if you’re searching for a low-cost summer vacation with much more to offer than just the beaches. You can find charming towns and sun-kissed beaches like Saxa, Sozopol, and Balchik’s Central Beach along Bulgaria’s 378 kilometers of Black Sea coastline. Its shoreline spans from north to … Read more

How To Pack for a Trip to Bulgaria

How To Pack for a Trip to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is emerging to be one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, providing travelers with a unique, unforgettable outing. From picturesque mountains, pristine coastline, stunning beaches, crystal blue seas, historic cities to a hip nightlife scene, the Balkan gem has something majestic to offer to everyone. If you’re planning to visit … Read more

Travel Tips for Visiting Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is a diverse and beautiful country, offering travelers countless reasons to visit. So, if you’re currently on your way to Bulgaria or plan to, consider the following tips, immersing yourself and making the most out of your trip. Study the Basics of the Language of Bulgaria It’s always good to prepare … Read more

The Best Camping Places in Bulgaria

The Best Camping Places in Bulgaria

Camping would be a fun refreshment if you wanted to be free from the different kinds of stresses you have in the city. It is a recreational activity that temporarily sends us away from our houses and works, too! It involves an overnight stay in a tent or camping vehicle. Plus, it … Read more

Top Travel Destinations in Bulgaria

Top Travel Destinations in Bulgaria

Blessed with picturesque, diverse landscapes from golden sandy beaches, vast national parks, rocky peaks, scenic mountains to stunning cities that perfectly blends with its long, beguiling historical narrative, Bulgaria is undeniably one of Europe’s diamond tourism hotspots. Every trip to the country guarantees a memorable experience to any traveler as there is … Read more

Learn About the History of Kremikovtsi Monastery of Saint George

The Kremikovtsi Monastery of Saint George is an Orthodox monastery that lies at the foot of the Balkan mountains and located northeast of Sofia, the country’s capital. Founded sometime during the Second Bulgarian Empire, it was believed that the monastery was erected at the latter part of the empire’s reign in the … Read more