Unusual Facts About Life in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, Stone facade

Bulgaria has a rich history, much of which can be traced back to the country’s distinct culture. It is a country in Europe’s Southeast region. Furthermore, Bulgaria is centrally located on the Balkan Peninsula and serves as a crossroads between Europe and Asia. The country shares natural borders with Greece, Macedonia, Romania, … Read more

What Are The Primary Industries In Bulgaria?

What Are The Primary Industries In Bulgaria

Industries are an integral part of any country’s economy. They serve as a valuable source of job creation, provide rapid income, maximize resources, meet the needs of the people, establish self-sustained growth, allow foreign exchanges, and help ensure the nation’s security. Needless to say, industries vary per country, given the difference in … Read more

Fun Facts About Bulgaria

Bulgarian woman wearing a headdress, wheat, wheat field

Only a few countries worldwide hold an abundance of landmarks, a myriad of unique traditions, and a rich history as Bulgaria. Moreover, the country has plenty of mysteries, given its long history. So there is certainly more to learn and see about Bulgaria. And of course, if you’re planning to visit Bulgaria, … Read more

Bulgaria’s Mysterious Emerald Cat

Back in 2019, photos of a green cat circulated on the internet. This caused a frenzy and made everyone asked why is this mysterious emerald-colored cat suddenly showed up in a small town in Bulgaria. According to the caption of the then viral photos, the cat was spotted on the streets of … Read more

The History of Bulgaria

The History of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country with a long, complicated, yet engrossing history. The land has been seized, conquered, and settled by different empires, which all have contributed and left enduring influence and marks on the nation, with most of the fascinating facets still eminent in their modern-day culture. Here, let’s discover Bulgaria’s tumultuous … Read more

What Fruits are Native in Bulgaria?


Bulgaria offers a delicious plethora of fruits. You can find all sorts of fruits in the country, within your reach on local markets and stores. If you have an innate love for fruits, you’ll undoubtedly relish them as Bulgarian fruits are among some of the globe’s most succulent. Plus, you get to … Read more