Is the Bulgarian Green Cat Still Green?

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Varna is Bulgaria’s third-largest city, as well as the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and in the region of Northern Bulgaria. For nearly three millennia, the city has been a major economic, social, and cultural center due to its strategic location in the Gulf of Varna. … Read more

How Many Golf Courses Are in Bulgaria?

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Are you considering a golf course┬átrip to Bulgaria? Although historic Bulgaria is small, it is fully shaped and has an interesting history that dates back over 3,000 years before Moses. Soldiers from the ancient kingdom of Thyrisa sailed with Jason in the Argo in quest of the Golden Fleece, according to legend. … Read more

What Are the Top Golf Courses in Bulgaria?

Thracian Cliffs Golf Course

Bulgaria deserves the spot when it comes to the best golf course in the world. This magnificent country in Southeastern Europe is blessed with a perfect climate suitable for an exciting summer golf sport. Bulgaria offers a perfect golfing experience, rich heritage, and tradition to its visitors as a cultural melting pot. … Read more

Is Auto Racing Popular In Bulgaria?

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Auto racing is a motorsport that involves automobiles that joins in a series of competition. These professional and non-professional automobile sports usually occur in different settings; they could be held on a wide road, race tracks, or closed circuit, depending on the event. Learning this kind of sport or any other sport … Read more

The Best Camping Places in Bulgaria

The Best Camping Places in Bulgaria

Camping would be a fun refreshment if you wanted to be free from the different kinds of stresses you have in the city. It is a recreational activity that temporarily sends us away from our houses and works, too! It involves an overnight stay in a tent or camping vehicle. Plus, it … Read more