Best Beaches to Visit in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the place to go if you’re searching for a low-cost summer vacation with much more to offer than just the beaches. You can find charming towns and sun-kissed beaches like Saxa, Sozopol, and Balchik’s Central Beach along Bulgaria’s 378 kilometers of Black Sea coastline. Its shoreline spans from north to south, with many beaches, some well-known for their parties, others family-friendly, and others completely wild and remote.

Here are five of the best Bulgarian beaches that you shouldn’t miss when visiting the country.

Saxa Beach – Burgas

Burgas is one of Bulgaria’s most major cities and is home to the country’s largest loading port. Burgas International Airport connects the city by land and air, putting the city on the rise. Over the last few years, the town’s tourism, population, and industrial significance have grown.

Burgas has been considered one of Bulgaria’s most culturally vibrant cities in terms of museums, thanks to its diverse offerings. But, as one of the leading Black Sea tourist resorts, Burgas offers more than only cultural venues for all ages and tastes; the city also has fantastic diving areas and one of Bulgaria’s most extensive beaches, Saxa Beach.

Saxa Beach, one of the finest beaches in Burgas, Bulgaria, takes up the majority of the city’s coastline without a doubt. The beach, which stretches for more than 5 kilometers, is lined with cosmopolitan bars with Caribbean themes.

Varna – Golden Sand

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When visiting Bulgaria, you need to go to Varna. There are building facades inspired by Western European architectural styles, several broad avenues, and a legacy from Bulgaria’s Communist era.

Varna, one of Bulgaria’s most popular Black Sea resorts, is often known as “the Black Sea capital” due to its economic and cultural importance. Their international airport, sophisticated port, and railway station now provide connections to over 35 countries and 100 cities worldwide.

The city’s economy is growing thanks to tourists from nearby nations like Ukraine and Moldova, which are only across the Black Sea; Romania, which is only a few kilometers away; and Turkey and the Balkans, which border the country on both the south and west sides.

In addition, directly next to the “Primorski” green area, the city features a black sand beach with over 3 kilometers of sand and numerous terraces and bars. On the other hand, locals prefer driving 15 kilometers to the 4-kilometer-long Golden Sands Beach (Zlatni Pyasatci), one of Bulgaria’s most popular beaches.

The beach, which is sometimes referred to as one of Europe’s best, can be reached by automobile or bus through Republic road I-9 (Републиканcки път I-9), the primary route in Eastern Bulgaria that follows the Black Sea coastline. Don’t forget to bring a beach head scarf to protect yourself from the heat without compromising your outfit.

Balchik’s Central Beach

Balchik is a small town with a lovely atmosphere. While many people perceive it as a beautiful place to spend their vacation, locals are concerned that it will soon become a huge summer party destination. Hundreds of new summer flats and second houses have been developed in recent years, increasing tourism.

Balchik is so lovely that even Queen Mary of Romania constructed a palace with over 65,000 square meters of gardens surrounding it. Because of her interest in theology, the castle is also filled with religious symbols.

Like most other Bulgarian beach destinations, Balchik has a beach where visitors can spend their summer days. The city’s largest beach, “Central Beach,” is on the outskirts, directly after the city port terminal, the Balchik Pristanishte Terminal.

On the other hand, you can find small beaches all along the 2.2-kilometer-long Bulgarian beachfront promenade. Most of them, such as “Tanino Beach,” also have their beach bar.

Bolata Beach – Kaliakra Cape

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Kaliakra is more than just a village; it’s also an archaeological and natural reserve. This is the northernmost beach on the Black Sea coast of the country, among those mentioned earlier.

The 60-meter-high cliffs of Kaliakra form a rocky peninsula with breathtaking views of the Bulgarian shoreline.

Bolata Beach is approximately 4 kilometers from Kaliakra and is mainly visited by local families. The beach is in the shape of a small bay, encircled by limestone massifs with cave openings, forming a perfect semi-circular shape.

One of Bulgaria’s few marine reserves is also located in this area. During the summer, several yachts and small private boats anchor off the tiny pier.

Town Beach – Sozopol

Bulgaria’s Sozopol is one of the country’s oldest and most picturesque towns. It’s located approximately 35 kilometers south of Burgas.

It feels like you’ve stepped back in time as you walk through the historic old town streets, situated on an artificial peninsula extending out into the sea. Sozopol has preserved the wooden buildings and old stone-paved streets, keeping the Black Sea architectural style.

The city is also home to two of the best Black Sea beaches, the vast Harmani Beach and the smaller Town Beach. The most popular beach among tourists is Town Beach, which offers panoramic views of the ancient town. It’s accessible from the central city’s promenade.

The best site to try traditional Bulgarian “shopska salata” (шопскa салата) is the coastal walkway, which is lined with open-air restaurants and souvenir shops. Overall, this may be the most excellent destination in Bulgaria for couples seeking a quiet beach vacation.