The sea in Bulgaria. Photos and the temperature of the water

Bulgaria – one of the most accessible and beautiful countries of the Balkan coast. In this article, we will try to tell you about the sea in Bulgaria. We hope that our article will help you to choose the best resort for a vacation.

What is the sea in Bulgaria?

What is the sea in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is located near the shores the Black Sea. Basically, the water is clean and clear. Especially, the sea is comfortable for swimming with children. The only downside for us was the temperature of the water – it was a bit cooler, in comparison with the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro.

In all of popular beaches (Varna, Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Albena) we were able to see showers with fresh water and changing cabins. But if you choose less popular resorts, which will be without such facilities, do not worry – waters of the Black Sea do not contain a lot of salt, so it would not practically remain on the body.

Prices of sun beds and sun shades on the beaches are different (there are for 6 levs and 8 levs). In this case you can choose what you want: to pay for an umbrella or a a sunbed, or to relax on a towel in so called “free zone”.

The local sea has one drawback – it is not very salty. It means that here you can quite often see algae, and various infections in the water are not dying so quickly.

In fact, during the last years Bulgaria is very attentive to the environment and to a hygiene in compliance with all European health standards. Here you can safely rest and swim without fear of health problems.

If you are interested in information about Bulgarian beaches, we recommend you to read our detailed article “The beaches of Bulgaria”.

The temperature of the sea water in Bulgaria

What can you see in Bulgaria in summer? + Lots of photos

The water temperature in Bulgaria during summer months can reach to +26°C. The most comfortable month for swimming is considered August. But sometimes there are cold currents, and therefore the waters of the Black Sea can often be cool.

In winter the temperature of the seawater can be down to +7°C.

The beaches of Bulgaria

What is the sea in Bulgaria?

The coastline of Bulgaria stretches over 354 km. Most of the beaches of the country are sandy, but there are almost no pebble beaches or “beaches on the rocks”. Even wild beaches are mostly covered with white, or even curative black sand. A striking example is the beach on the spit near Pomorie.

Beaches at each resort are different a bit. To make it easier for you to choose a beach, we offer to learn about the features of the beaches of the popular resorts in Bulgaria:

    • Balchik – one of the popular resorts of Bulgaria. The peculiarity of it as a port city, is the deep sea. A descent into the water down stairs from breakwaters creates certain inconveniences. Therefore, it is not very suitable for families with children. If you still choose to rest in Balchik, try to find a public beach or “A new beach” – they are more comfortable.
  • Golden Sands – one of the biggest and the most expensive resorts in the country. There are clean beaches with changing cabins. The main part of the embankment is occupied by sunbeds and sunshades, their prices range from 8 to 10 levs. There is also a free zone, where vacationers can lie down on their towel. There are also disadvantages – the resort is surrounded by mountains, which affects the climate – here it may be very hot and even a bit stuffy.
  • Varna – is also a popular resort of Bulgaria. Along the embankment are located several beaches – mostly sandy and with small bays. At all the beaches there are modern benefits of civilization: sunshades and sun loungers for hire, changing rooms, showers, a variety of water activities.
  • Obzor – a rapidly growing resort village. Clean beaches and low prices of services attract tourists. The descent into the sea is a bit steep, but there are areas with more gentle descents. Here like to have rest families with children – the sea in Obzor is a bit warmer, than in Golden Sands.
  • Sunny Beach – one of the biggest, expensive and famous tourist resorts of Bulgaria. At clean sandy beaches there are lifeguards, zones with paid sunlounges and sunshades (their cost is 8 levs), a convenient descent into the sea. There is also a disadvantage – the beaches of Sunny Beach are usually very crowded.
    • Nessebar is less popular, but, because of this, even more beautiful resort of the country. Along the coast there are several beaches, some of them are equipped with changing cabins, there are showers, lifeguards and paid sunlounges and sunshades. A convenient descent into the clean sea, makes this resort a favorite resting place for families with children – your children can safely splash around in the shallow. Perhaps you are interested in a detailed review of the beaches of Nessebar.
  • Ravda a small village ashore the Black sea. Clean and well-equipped beaches with fine golden sand and relatively low prices of services attract many tourists. It seemed to us that the beach of Ravda is more crowded, than at other resorts of Bulgaria.
  • Aheloy – a small and cozy resort town on the Bulgarian coast (we were able to walk along the coast). Sandy beaches are clean and well maintained. If you wish, you can even find a “wild beach”. Along the hotels at the coast there are sunshades and sunloungers.
  • Pomorie – is a famous seaside and spa resort. The beaches of Pomorie are known for their healing black sand and no less healing mud from a local lake. Families with children like to have a rest here, because at the resort there is no sweltering heat. Lake Pomorie deserves a special mention, from its bottom are extracted curative muds. People are also often swim in its waters. Nearby there is a wild beach on the spit, which we would like to recommend you.
  • Burgas – one of the largest cities of Bulgaria. Nice clean beaches with dark sand and calm clear sea water attract many tourists. Some beaches are equipped with sunshades and sunloungers, there is a plenty of entertainments for fans of different sports. A distinctive feature of the local beaches there is a presence of a huge and very beautiful Seaside Park along the coastline. Also, close to the beach you can admire beautiful sand sculptures, made by professional sculptors from around the world.
  • Sozopol – can also be attributed to the popular resort towns of Bulgaria. Equipped sandy and rocky “wild” beaches – here you can choose a vacation for every tourist. A fairly long strip of shallow sea makes Sozopol popular for families with children.

In this article we have tried to briefly describe the beaches of the main resorts of Bulgaria. For more details about Bulgaria we recommend to read articles about the Bulgarian resorts and the main beaches of the country.

The weather on the coast of Bulgaria

Are the beaches of Sunny Beach crowded?

A tourist season in Bulgaria is considered to be from June to September. At this time, the temperature of the air and of the sea water warms up to the most comfortable for a beach holiday.

In Bulgaria there is also a ski vacationa season lasts from December to April. Especially recommended to rest in February – during this month there are no strong winds.

The climate of Bulgaria is close to subtropical. For it are typical cold winters and hot summers, although the Black Sea mitigates the weather at the coast.

Holidays at the Bulgarian coast

A vacation on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, as well as any other maritime country, is very diverse: here it is possible to boat, to ride a banana, to take a jet ski for rent, to go fishing, to fly on a parachute or to go for a massage.

Also are very popular water parks, which are located at many resorts of the country.

Seafood dishes – where to taste and what to expect?

Seafood dishes - where to taste and what to expect?

The diversity and quantity of restaurants, cafes and canteens at any resort of Bulgaria is simply amazing – here you can taste different seafood: from the European sprat to the shark fillet. Often, in a menu you can see dishes of squids, shrimps, mussels, turbots, gilt-head (sea) breams, trouts, and crustaceans and lobsters are in an aquarium at the entrance to a restaurant – you can choose them to your taste.

For those, who want to taste the national Bulgarian cuisine we recommend taverns – small cozy restaurants, stylized as ancient. Prices here will be lower, than in coastal restaurants.

We would like to note one more important factor – when choosing a restaurant pay attention to its location. Establishments with waterfront views are differ with high prices in a menu.

Probably you will be interested: a separate article about nutrition in Bulgaria.

Where can you go from Bulgaria?

From Bulgaria, without any problems, you can go to Turkey, Romania and Greece. These countries are included in tours of many travel agencies. The cost will depend on the number of days and a place of the excursion (about 136 levsTurkey for 2 days, 225 levsRomania for 2 days, and 210 levsGreece for 1 day). For these countries would be enough to have a multivisa, which is issued for travel to Bulgaria for half a year.

Also from Bulgaria you can go to Moldova, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania. For these countries there are certain rules of the border crossing and limitations, which relate to the term of the foreign passport. Due to this fact we recommend to specify more information on the websites of the embassies directly before the trip.

Resorts and the sea of Bulgaria – the map

For your convenience, we add a map of Bulgaria with the main resorts, marked on it.

Photos of Bulgarian resorts

Bulgaria – a very beautiful country. Coming here, you get not only a luxury hotel, but also an opportunity to explore the sights, enjoy the nature, to visit other towns and resorts. At the same time to travel is possible, not only during the excursions, but also independently by public transport or a rented car – so it turns out much cheaper.

That is, you will have the opportunity not only to sunbathe at the beaches, as in Turkey or Egypt, but also to diversify your vacation with some cultural program, to take good photos, to see and to learn something new.

Entertainments in Sunny Beach

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Pomorie: prices of the rest, accommodation, souvenirs and shopping

So I want to give MY review about our journey, and then you can read review of my wife

For example, we had a rest in Bulgaria for 14 days. During this time, we managed to visit almost a half of seaside resorts, to see fantastic natural sceneries, swans with young nestlings, freely swimming in a huge Lake Pomorie, to sunbathe at wild beaches, to admire beauties of the Botanical Garden and much, much more. In memory of the journey we’ve got a huge number of beautiful photos. We share a part of them to you:

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