The beaches of Sunny Beach: photos and descriptions

The beaches of Sunny Beach (or as it is often called at forums – SB) – one of the most popular in Bulgaria. This is not surprising – fifteen kilometers of fine clean sand, real sand dunes, the clean sea and nature (the beach is regularly awarded with blue flag), all this will not leave anyone indifferent.

Are the beaches of Sunny Beach crowded?

Are the beaches of Sunny Beach crowded?

During the season there are a lot of people. As a result, you can expect of crowds of tourists at the beaches, a little muddy water, high prices, which to measures of budget Bulgaria are enormous.

Beaches are divided into paid and free zones. For a sunbed or a sunshade you will have to pay from 8 to 12 levs. Toilets are also paid and the cost varies from 0,3 to 0.5 levs.

There are also advantages. In Bulgaria beaches are very clean. It is not accepted to come with beer, to eat watermelons or sunflower seeds at a beach. Also, no one sell shrimps, mussels, pahlava or leather bags. In general, at the beaches of Sunny Beach is rather peaceful and quiet.

It should be noted, that the facilities on the beaches are not everywhere, and they are much less, than it is expected from the European and modern country.

Where are large empty beaches in Sunny Beach?

To take a break from a lot of people, you have to go to neighboring Nesebar (by foot, by train or by boat, taxi is very expensive), or to rent a car.

Our favorite beach is located near the town of Pomorie. We went there by bus and then walked. There really were no people and the water was so clean …

What is the sea at the beaches of Sunny Beach?

What is the sea at the beaches of Sunny Beach?

Bulgaria washed by Black sea. In itself, it is very warm. The bottom is sandy, gently sloping – is comfortable for children. In our opinion, the Black Sea is not enough salty. But, how it is said, that is a matter of taste…

In addition to the sea in Sunny Beach there are several big aqua parks, and in the territories of large hotels you can find mini-aquaparks. We do not say about pools in which a significant part of tourists spends most of the time – it is clear that there are a lot of them.

Prices on the beaches of Sunny Beach (SB) – what and how much cost?

Prices on the beaches of Sunny Beach (SB) - what and how much cost?

Prices at the beaches of Sunny Beach are among the highest in Bulgaria. Here you can easily buy a kilogram of cherries or grapes for 25 levs, for example. It is certainly a deceit, but it very well illustrates the atmosphere of this place.

Here is a very expensive taxi, about two times more expensive than in other resorts of Bulgaria. And if we take into account a very high likelihood that you can be cheated – even four times more expensive. Daytime rate – 3,5 levs per kilometer, and nighttime rate – 5 levs.

The prices for public transport (buses to other towns and resorts of Bulgaria) are quite affordable. You can get to Burgas for 6 levs, and to Varna for 12 levs.

In supermarkets of Sunny Beach prices are about 20% higher than in nearby Nessebar.

The most popular fast food at a beach – a piece of pizza – will cost about 3 levs, and boiled corn – approximately 2 levs.

Prices in hotels in Sunny Beach

In Sunny Beach there are a lot of hotels with 4* or 5*. At the same time, the level of service in many of them does not concede to Turkey or Egypt, and prices are much lower. So if you are looking for an alternative to usual vacations, we highly recommend Bulgaria.

There are, of course, very expensive options. For example, a week of rest in Eden Park Luxury Villas will cost you from 5 000 to 10 000 dollars. Yes, of course, there are nice rooms, panoramic windows, an amazing interior. But $ 10 000 a week! Do not believe me? Check it for yourself:

To make it easier to choose the best option from the hundreds of hotels, we have prepared a selection of the best hotels in Sunny Beach.

Entertainments in Sunny Beach

Entertainments in Sunny Beach

In Sunny Beach there are a lot of entertainments.

Dozens of discos and nightclubs for all tastes. A variety of erotic shows, foam parties and themed events. All of this can be found literally at every corner.

In general, night life in Sunny Beach is even more active than daily life.

The situation is similar with water attractions. They are offered for all tastes: from a banal banana-boating, to flying with a parachute or diving.

There are also many restaurants. You can easily eat delicious and very expensive.

In terms of good excursions Sunny Beach is not different from other resorts of Bulgaria – a standard set and additional margin of 15-20%.

The ancient town of Nessebar – we recommend to visit

Entertainments in Sunny Beach

Near to Sunny Beach there is an ancient and very beautiful town of Nessebar, which is definitely worth a visit. Prices in Nessebar are even lower, and portions in restaurants are little bit bigger.

We recommend to walk around the peninsula of Old Nessebar in evenings, when it becomes very quiet, romantic and beautiful. You can get to town of Nessebar by foot in 15-20 minutes.

How tourists are being cheated at the beaches of Sunny Beach

How tourists are being cheated at the beaches of Sunny Beach

About fantastic prices we have already said. Do not buy anything at a street, if the price seems to you too high. An approximate exchange rate of lev can be viewed at almost any page of our site.

Taxi drivers in Sunny Beach are often able to ride not with a counter, calling extremely high prices. A couple of kilometers to Nessebar may cost you, for example, 50 levs, and if you refuse – 5 levs.

Our reviews of beaches of Sunny Beach

At Sunny Beach is dangerous to exchange money. The most reliable way – to use the services of bank. The course is not the most profitable, but honest. In exchange offices at hotels the exchange rate is noticeably worse, but here you will not be deceived too.

In conventional exchangers, which are everywhere, tourists are being deceived very often: for example, they can give tourist the old money, which are no longer in use, to take a large fee or to count not by the rate that is published on the sign, but by the other, which is written with lowercase somewhere in the corner.

It is interesting to read: How to exchange money in Bulgaria and what are the main ways of cheating tourists?

In general, be careful. Sunny Beach is created specially for tourists, who want to waste their money quickly, and helps them with this as actively as possible.

Our reviews of beaches of Sunny Beach

Our reviews of beaches of Sunny Beach

Reviews of the beaches of Sunny Beach at forums and sites are very different. Even our friends and acquaintances have completely opposite opinions.

Speaking personally, we did not like the beaches of this resort and we have negative reviews. Everything is very expensive, there is no hint of the Bulgarian hospitality, to which we were so accustomed.

Besides, there is nothing to look at in Sunny Beach, besides of luxury hotels and other vacationers. But for someone exactly Sunny Beach is an ideal place for rest: a lot of entertainments, first-class services, good hotels with pools. And all this at very low prices!

An interesting information about the sea and beaches of Bulgaria: