A Seaside Park in Burgas

The Seaside Park of Burgas is the greatest and the most beautiful park, which we saw in the territory of Bulgaria.

We decided to take a walk along the embankment, viewing greenery, tidy flowerbeds, refreshing fountains and numerous monuments.

The Seaside Park stretches along the picturesque Black Sea coast at a pretty impressive distance – about 7 km away. From small platforms, which located directly in it, are offering wonderful views.

To get to the sea, you will need to come down the magnificent snow-white stairs, watching the calm waters and huge ships in the distance.

History of the creation of the park

The majestic and diverse Seaside Park has its unusual history.

In 1889, in Burgas, a gardener Georgi Duhtev began his work on the landscaping project. For several years he created his masterpiece. Masters brought exotic plants, so even now in the park you can find different types of flowers and trees from around the world.

Gradually, the area increased slightly, there were new buildings, and the old part of the park was considered a monument of landscape art. But locals and tourists still prefer to rest here, to enjoy spectacular views of the sea and surrounding nature.

Entertainments in the Seaside park

Entering the park from any side, you will see an exquisite diversity: there are not only comfortable benches for rest, but also modern playgrounds, special place for walking with small dogs, many monuments, restaurants and even a casino. Many people write, that in the park is located a miniature zoo for kids, but we, unfortunately, did not notice it. We were also pleased with the care of vacationers: in the park we saw special bins for cleaning after dogs. Due to this children can walk and play freely.

In the park there are modern bike paths, along which are freely ride not only locals and guests of the city, but even the local police. Here you can rent a bicycle. It will cost you just 1 lev per hour.

In the Seaside Park of Burgas except of benches, we have also seen hammocks. Children and teens like to “teeter” in them.

In the territory of the park there is a summer outdoor theater, where various festivals are held. Additionally to it, was built another one – with the convenient sliding roof. Now, the theater attracts a lot of spectators, who come here to listen to concerts of famous artists, to see an opera performance or theatrical performance.

At the end of April in the pavilion of the Seaside Park of Burgas is held an amazing colorful International Exhibition of flowers. Every year it is visited by impressive number of visitors.

If you want to stretch your legs – you can go to a tennis court, located directly in the park. However, this entertainment is paid.

What impresses all visitors of Seaside Park, without an exception, – a lot of sculptures, flower beds and fountains. There is even a monument to Pushkin. In addition, the park is decorated with sculptures of various personalities, who have distinguished themselves in the history of the country. There are also modern statues, ideas of which it is difficult to understand for ordinary people, not versed in the art.

If you get hungry, you can have a tasty snack in one of the nearby cafes. Basically, they are located along the beach strip, and prices there, as you understand, are relevant.

The festival of sand sculptures in the park Lake

In the territory of the Seaside Park of Burgas there is another very interesting and exciting entertainment – the festival of sand sculptures.

Every year since 2008, masters from around the world captivate tourists and city residents with their skills. All exhibitions are thematic, and sizes of sculptures are large.

In 2015, we were at the festival under the name “On safari with a camera”, at which were presented works of 10 sculptors, mostly foreign. Sand sculptures impressed us with their beauty and diversity.

If at first we doubted whether to go at the festival (an entrance, by the way, is paid, and it costs 3 levs for adults) after the visit we have never regretted the time spent on it.

Sculptures are located in a small park “Lake”, which is located on the outskirts of the Seaside Park.

If you decide to go and to watch sand sculptures, we recommend to go in the morning or in the evening (the park “Lake” is located in an open area and hot sun at lunch time just melts the surrounding air).

We also recommend to take with you: a drinking water, a hat and a camera in order to a long time enjoy beautiful photos.

Where is the park and how to get there?

The park is located in one of the most touristic parts of Burgas, just 10 minutes from the central city square.

To the Seaside Park you can get in different ways:

  • if you are on the main street of the city – Aleksandrovskaya, what will be enough to turn slightly to the left on Aleko Bogorodi street;
  • to leave the bus at the Southern bus station of Burgas, then a little walk along Bulair street;
  • to leave the bus at the bus stop “Lake Park”, which is located almost on the outskirts of the city in the direction of Nessebar.

It may be useful to you: A schedule of public transport from Burgas.

For your convenience we attach a map with stops, marked on it, a bus station and the park itself:

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