What are the Main Agricultural Crops of Bulgaria?

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Before World War II happened, Bulgaria’s agriculture division was known to be its leading sector in the Bulgarian economy. In fact, in 1939, Bulgaria’s agriculture contributed to about 65 percent of NMP or net material product, and nearly four out of five Bulgarians were working in agriculture. However, the war changed Bulgaria’s … Read more

Can you live off the grid in Bulgaria?

Can you live off the grid in Bulgaria?

If living off the grid seems enticing to you, you’re not alone. Today, many people are adopting the lifestyle and living autonomously, outside the confines of common public utilities, such as electricity, water, and social amenities, that can restrict anyone down. It’s vital to note however that forging this unique way of … Read more


Nina Dobrev

 Introduction Born in 1989 to  Michaela Constantine and Kamen Dobrev in Bulgaria, Nina Dobrev is a well-known Hollywood actress and Model. She immigrated to Toronto, Canada at the tender age of two and was raised there. She has one sibling (Alexander Dobrev). She went to Vradenburg Junior Public School and J. B. … Read more

Best Belgian Beers

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Belgian beer is difficult to categorize. Styles range from lip-smacking sours to zesty pilsners, with ruby ales, hoppy IPAs, and wheat beers thrown in for good measure. Since the first Belgian beers came into the market, the ripple effect has been felt worldwide. If there’s one thing that the vast selection of … Read more

Best Road Trips To Take in Bulgaria

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More and more individuals are taking out their maps and going east to see Bulgaria in recent years! Bulgaria is a vast city with a great history and enough attractions and museums to share. It’s the ideal road trip destination. Bulgaria is easily navigatable by car from beginning to end. Spending a … Read more

What Are the Top Golf Courses in Bulgaria?

Thracian Cliffs Golf Course

Bulgaria deserves the spot when it comes to the best golf course in the world. This magnificent country in Southeastern Europe is blessed with a perfect climate suitable for an exciting summer golf sport. Bulgaria offers a perfect golfing experience, rich heritage, and tradition to its visitors as a cultural melting pot. … Read more

What are Famous Bands and Artists from Bulgaria?

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Since the mid-80s, many music fans across the globe have been fascinated with Bulgarian music. While Western music, including classic rock, was mainly bootlegged throughout the old Soviet, the music in Bulgaria was influenced by Middle Eastern pop-folk artists.  Many independent bands and musicians started to carve their names after the nation had … Read more

Best Beaches to Visit in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is the place to go if you’re searching for a low-cost summer vacation with much more to offer than just the beaches. You can find charming towns and sun-kissed beaches like Saxa, Sozopol, and Balchik’s Central Beach along Bulgaria’s 378 kilometers of Black Sea coastline. Its shoreline spans from north to … Read more

Is Auto Racing Popular In Bulgaria?

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Auto racing is a motorsport that involves automobiles that joins in a series of competition. These professional and non-professional automobile sports usually occur in different settings; they could be held on a wide road, race tracks, or closed circuit, depending on the event. Learning this kind of sport or any other sport … Read more

Bulgarian Amazing Wedding Traditions and Customs

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Bulgarian Tradition History We could all agree that every place has its fair share of rich history and tradition.  Bulgaria, for one, has established a tradition for weddings for more than a hundred years now. They made sure that it will play a special role for their culture. Amazingly, people were able … Read more