Top Foods to Try in Bulgaria

Top Foods to Try in Bulgaria

Bulgarian food is fresh, tasty, and incredibly satisfying! While many of its dishes can also be found in its Balkan neighbors, Bulgarian cooking tradition is diverse and boasts a local flavor that separates it from its counterpart in other southeastern European nations. From delectable pastries to grilled meat dishes and nutritious salads, … Read more

Fun Facts About Bulgaria

Bulgarian woman wearing a headdress, wheat, wheat field

Only a few countries worldwide hold an abundance of landmarks, a myriad of unique traditions, and a rich history as Bulgaria. Moreover, the country has plenty of mysteries, given its long history. So there is certainly more to learn and see about Bulgaria. And of course, if you’re planning to visit Bulgaria, … Read more

Top 5 Dishes You Must Try In Bulgaria

bowl, roasted vegetables

Bulgarian food is not just flavorful, but they’re also hearty, savory, and fresh. Bulgaria is famous for its dairy products and quality vegetables, and its different mild spices. Chicken and pork are some of the most common forms of meat used in Bulgarian dishes, although food with veal, fish, and seafood in … Read more

Travel Tips for Visiting Bulgaria

Prohodna cave, stone walls, two cave openings

Bulgaria is a diverse and beautiful country, offering travelers countless reasons to visit. So, if you’re currently on your way to Bulgaria or plan to, consider the following tips, immersing yourself and making the most out of your trip. Study the Basics of the Language of Bulgaria It’s always good to prepare … Read more