Everything about rest in Bulgaria – a description of the resorts and beaches, sample prices and the list of attractions

While working on a website about Bulgaria we have accumulated a large number of useful articles about rest, beaches and attractions of this country. There are even excellent selections of photos from Bulgaria and tips for travelers, who are going to rest here.

It is clear that to find all the useful and relevant information on the site can be difficult, and the search engines are too often put on the first places completely uninformative offers of travel agencies, where there is nothing but the description of three sentences, prices and a couple of photos.

Photos of Bulgaria: sights, cities and resorts on photos

The first stage of acquaintance with any country – to view the photos. You can write anything on the site, videos are usually costs a lot of money and is shooting purely for advertising purposes. And photos, that made by tourists, are usually fair – they are not painted with anything, not glossed over and not cleaned.

Exactly such photos can be viewed on our blog – we do not use beautiful photos from the Internet, not to embellish them in Photoshop. All the photos you see are made by us personally during our holiday in 2015 or 2016.

These are just examples of articles with lots of photos. In fact, in almost any our article can you can see from 5 to 10 photos.

Is it comfortable to go for a vacation in Bulgaria? Everything about the language, the nature and the culture of the country

Красивая природа в Болгарии

Bulgaria – a country of amazingly beautiful and picturesque landscapes, that will not definitely leave you indifferent!

A vacation in Bulgaria is very comfortable, with its pros and cons. People here are friendly and always willing to help, especially if you’re not relaxing in Sunny Beach.

Bulgarian language is not understandable for english speakers. Many Bulgarians understand Russian, but only the younger generation speak English –  we have not encountered any problems.

The nature of Bulgaria is very beautiful, even in the city you can find a lot of picturesque places.

In contrast to many exotic countries, particularly Asian, the culture of Bulgaria is very close to Slavic. Their traditions, customs and festivals are partially similar to our own and do not cause surprise. That is only one difference, the head nod in Bulgaria means “no” – it is confusing everyone.

Prices in Bulgaria: the cost of tickets, visa, tours and meals?

Prices for vacation, souvenirs, foods and other things in Bulgaria are not high, and the quality is at the level.

Развлечения в Болгарии

Bulgaria is not a backward country, which, according to tradition, many people still consider it. Here you can find plenty of entertainment at a low price.

Bulgarian currency is lev. We advise you to change the currency in banks, because in exchange offices there is a high probability to get to the “cheating”.

Taxis in Bulgaria are very expensive, from 1.5 to 5 levs per kilometer, depending on the resort. But public transport is cheap and runs regularly, we recommend it.

The average price of sunbeds and sunshades on the beach 8 levs . At almost every beach there is a free zone.

Excursions in Bulgaria are quite expensive. Not a bad options will cost you about 80-100 levs .

Have a rest maximally cheap is possible, if to organize your holiday by yourself .

We recommend to read these helpful articles:

Beaches in Bulgaria – what is the difference and which we recommend to visit?

Beaches in Bulgaria are mainly sandy. Almost at every beach there is a paid zone, where a sunshade or a lounger costs from 6 to 12 levs . Nearby, sometimes 15 meters away from the sea, you can find a free zone for those who prefer to rest on a towel.

We recommend to see: a description Bulgarian beaches, a description and photos of the sea in Bulgaria

The cleanliness of water at the beaches of Bulgaria

On many sites and forums they write that in Bulgaria is very dirty water. We would like to reassure you – this is not true!

Bulgaria occupies the 6th place of the sea water cleanliness in Europe. And we can even prove it – it is enough to see our analysis of the cleanliness of water in Bulgaria

Summer in Bulgaria: the sea and the nature

Bulgaria is perfect for summer vacation – here is very soft, comfortable climate, a little bit of the exotic and the sun is not as hot as in southern countries. You can not believe it, but for 2 weeks of rest in 2015 we did not turn on an air conditioning.

Exactly the same situation is with nature. Most of the resorts of Bulgaria are nicely decorated with palm trees and flowers. At the same time meal and fruits habitual to us, you do not have to adapt and do not need to be afraid of poisoning.

The sea in Bulgaria is very clean, warm and clear. The seabed is sandy and in most places is very shallow – it’s comfortable for families with children, but it creates some difficulties to parents (you have to come into water for a long time). Another important disadvantage – the water in the Black Sea is not as salty, as at popular resorts. Because of this, it is harder to swim in it, the smell of the sea is not so strongly felt, and in the water there are sometimes algae.

Which city or the resort to choose for a comfortable and inexpensive vacation in Bulgaria?

Most of the popular countries for beach holidays offer a hotel vacation . It is when you live in a hotel almost in the wilderness, and move out of its territory maximum for the excursion. A vacation in Bulgaria is a resort rest . You will live in a beautiful small town close to the locals, will be able to walk along small shops and stand in queues for foods close to Bulgarians.

That is why, depending on the chosen resort , you get a completely different vacation. We prefer a cheap holiday in the small towns that have not become yet in 100% the touristic – it is more interesting to us.

But all people have their preferences, and so we have tried to divide resorts for cheap and comfortable.

Resorts for a cheap holiday in Bulgaria

Cheap vacation in Bulgaria in little different from the expensive. You will walk in the same city, that those who rest in a 5 * hotel, swim in exactly the same sea and attend the same excursions. Then, what for to pay 5 times more? Instead of All Inclusive , you can easily afford to dinners at the best restaurants, each time choosing a new place “for your mood”. Well, we would advise to go on a wild beach instead of the pool – it’s much more interesting!

What Bulgarian resorts are ideal for a budget holiday:

  • Pomorie – our favorite resort in Bulgaria. Low prices, picturesque landscapes, an excellent set of attractions and a very positive attitude of local residents. No wonder that exactly hither are come on permanent residence both Russians and Europeans?
  • Burgas – a major trading and port city, where is really interesting to take a walk, to go for a shopping and to swim in the sea. By the way, the sea is clean, and at the beaches are almost no people.
  • Varna – the largest city at the Bulgarian coast. In Varna there are a lot of parks, interesting attractions and even a dolphinarium. The city is perfect for shopping. But the sea here is dirty – not the best variant.
  • Obzor – a pretty small town, which practically does not allocated from the mass of average resorts.
  • Balchik – one of the most northern resort at the Bulgarian coast. Famous for its fantastic botanical garden.
  • Ravda – small and actively developing resort near Nessebar. In ravda there are almost no attractions, but the beaches are very good. If you find information on the forums about the tonnes of mud and algae – it was outdated 10 years ago.
  • Sozopol – a small town, which is not actively recommend in the Internet. In fact, it has no special advantages.

Resorts for a comfortable stay in Bulgaria

For many tourists comfortable vacation is one of the main indicators. Many people want to live in a comfortable and safe hotel with meals All Inclusive, lie down on a lounger at the pool, relax and not worry about anything. If a person has money, why not?

What resorts we can recommend to you to maximize your comfort:

  • Sunny Beach – the most expensive and comfortable resort in Bulgaria. There are many 5* hotels, most of which are in no way inferior to the best hotels of Turkey or Egypt. Special attention is given to 15 kilometers of beaches of Sunny Beach. And it is a paradise for fans of discos and parties – night life does not stop for a minute. At the same time in Sunny Beach prices are 3-4 times higher than in Pomorie .
  • Golden Sands – the second most popular resort in Bulgaria. At the beaches and the quality of hotels it is enough in what inferior to Sunny Beach. Except that paid zones here are bigger. And, because of the mountains that do not allow the wind, it is very hot in Golden Sands.
  • Nessebar – a very good and interesting resort. Unfortunately, there are no 5* hotel. However, there are a lot of attractions, great beaches and beautiful landscapes.

Of course, on the basis of a brief selections, it is very difficult to choose the resort, and therefore we advise you these few articles:

The most interesting sights of Bulgaria – what is really worth seeing.

Bulgaria has a lot of interesting sights. To most of them, you can easily cheaply reach by public transport, which in Bulgaria is working very well. Also, there is a varied selection of tours , that are quite expensive.

Traveling by yourself or buy a tour – it’s your choice. We can only advise to combine these two ways to see the country. Along the coast it is better to ride on your own, but deep into the country we advise to visit with an excursion – it’s easier and cheaper.

Articles about Bulgaria sights with photos and description:

It is also worth noting that the site has a lot of articles with reviews of attractions in a particular city:

To Bulgaria by yourself – our tips for vacation at the lowest prices

Most advantageous to go to Bulgaria on your own, choosing the best option of air travel and hotel,buying insurance and opening visa. So you can save about 20-30% of the cost of the tour.

In perspective, we plan to develop the theme of self-tourism in Bulgaria: to talk about the routes and timetables of public transport, the subtleties of hotel reservations, the rules of renting an apartment or a car, choosing the right insurance.

We advise to read: How to go to Bulgaria on your own and most cheaply?

We wish you to find in our blog all the necessary information and to have a good rest in Bulgaria. If suddenly there will be some questions, you will need help or advice – feel free to contact us in the comments. We respond without a fail. If after the holiday you would like to leave a feedback about Bulgaria, we are happy to post them!

The creators and authors of the guidebook across Bulgaria

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